Rhino Shield Wisconsin Provides Insight Into Growing Product Range

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Rhino Shield Wisconsin Growing Product Range Rhino Shield Wisconsin Growing Product Range

Jay Mariano of Rhino Shield Wisconsin takes a closer look at the company’s growing range of coating solutions.

Rhino Shield Wisconsin

From its Adhesive Primer Sealer to its Durable Finish Coat, Rhino Shield Wisconsin’s range has expanded over recent years to include a still-growing collection of coating solutions which also now features Rhino-Clear and Nature’s Cote. Owner and founder of the innovative Wisconsin-based coating business, Jay Mariano offers an exclusive insight into the brand’s impressive range of products.

“At Rhino Shield Wisconsin, our elastomeric ceramic exterior wall coating systems are ideal for virtually any building material including wood, stucco, brick, and block,” explains Mariano. The company’s products, he says, are eco-friendly, non-toxic, and typically applied with conventional professional painting equipment.

“All of our products are manufactured in a state-of-the-art U.S. manufacturing facility with industry-leading quality controls to ensure consistent product standards,” adds Mariano, who also points out that Rhino Shield has now been manufacturing premium coatings since 1964.

“From our Self Priming Coat to our Red-Iron Metal Primer, we take coatings innovation incredibly seriously,” the Rhino Shield Wisconsin owner continues, “constantly researching and continuously improving our product formulas in order to achieve the superior quality and performance which our customers have come to expect over the years.”

This commitment has led to recent innovations such as Rhino Shield Wisconsin’s super-breathable Self Priming Coat and Protective Finish Coat systems for extreme northern climates. “Furthermore, we just recently launched our ten-year system which we’ve called Ceramic One Coat,” Mariano reveals. “More cost-effective than ever, yet loaded with ceramics, Ceramic One Coat has filled a need as a more price conscious but still ceramic-based, high-performance coating solution,” he adds.

Ceramic One Coat, says Rhino Shield Wisconsin, is a superior exterior ceramic paint formulated with ceramic microspheres and top-grade acrylic resins, and boasting an industry-leading pigment content. Designed to offer insulation, waterproofing, and excellent coverage, the self-priming product is intended as a one-coat-only, thick application, according to the company, which is based in the Milwaukee metropolitan area city of Brookfield.

Other notable products offered by Rhino Shield Wisconsin include its Red-Iron Metal Primer, Nature’s Cote, and Rhino-Clear.

“Our Red-Iron Metal Primer is designed to prepare metal and help encapsulate and slow down the growth of existing rust,” explains Mariano of the product, which he says is also more environmentally friendly than traditional red iron oxide formulas. “Nature’s Cote, meanwhile,” he continues, “is a high-performance interior ceramic paint, formulated to offer unmatched durability compared to traditional paints on the market, particularly in terms of abrasion resistance.”

Lastly, Mariano touches on Rhino-Clear. “A clear-coat waterproofing sealer, Rhino-Clear protects, waterproofs, and beautifies most surfaces while decreasing the growth of mold, mildew, and algae,” he explains, wrapping up, “on porous, non-porous, and previously painted surfaces alike.”

For more information about Rhino Shield Wisconsin or to get in touch, please head to http://rhinoshieldwis.com/.