Rhino Shield Wisconsin Reveals Commercial Applications for its Ceramic Coating Technology

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Rhino Shield Wisconsin Commercial Applications for its Ceramic Coating Technology Rhino Shield Wisconsin Commercial Applications for its Ceramic Coating Technology

Jay Mariano of Rhino Shield Wisconsin provides a detailed look at the company’s ceramic coating solutions and their commercial applications

Rhino Shield Wisconsin

Designed with demanding commercial applications in mind, Rhino Shield’s products are equally suited to both industrial and commercial needs, as well as those of residential clients, according to Rhino Shield Wisconsin owner Jay Mariano. Guaranteed to last, saving money and time, and demonstrated to reduce energy costs, Mariano provides a closer look at the company’s numerous ceramic coating solutions.

“Rhino Shield’s wall and roof coating systems are suited to almost any commercial building application,” suggests Mariano, “largely thanks to the tremendous durability afforded by the product.”

“Nothing compares,” he continues, “to our systems and their ability to provide long-term protection, from condos to workplaces, and perfectly addressing the challenges of all manner of different climates and weather conditions.”

Rhino Shield Wisconsin’s variety of product formulas is guaranteed not to chip, crack, or peel, says Mariano, while simultaneously offering superior UV ray reflectivity, corrosion resistance, and waterproofing. “Ending the traditional repainting cycle, Rhino Shield’s elastomeric ceramic wall and roof coating systems also put a stop to interruptions to a company or organization’s day-to-day business activities by negating ongoing or restorative maintenance,” he adds.

Mariano’s company’s products also boast a number of eco-friendly credentials, being non-toxic, low-odor, non-flammable, and containing low VOCs, according to independent testing carried out by chemical industry leader BASF Group’s laboratories.

Key benefits for commercial clients of selecting Rhino Shield Wisconsin include longevity of the finish, superior breathability and solar reflectance, and unrivaled waterproofing, according to Mariano. “Our special resins and binders result in a tough but flexible surface, while Rhino Shield’s permeability still allows for the escape of damaging condensation and water vapors,” he adds.

Furthermore, says Mariano, Rhino Shield Wisconsin’s ceramic formulas lower wall and roof surface temperatures via the reflection of the sun’s unrelenting solar rays, saving on often significant costs tied to cooling and air conditioning.

Sealing and preventing water penetration, Rhino Shield’s coating systems can be seen installed on retail stores, fast food outlets, universities, churches, hotels, condominiums, and government buildings across America. “Notable past Rhino Shield clients include the U.S. Government, NASCAR, and Firestone Tires, among many other big names,” adds Mariano, wrapping up.

To learn more about how Rhino Shield Wisconsin and Jay Mariano can assist clients with their commercial wall and roof coating needs, or to receive a quote, call 844-744-6684 or visit https://rhinoshieldwis.com/.