Rhino Shield Wisconsin reveals the benefits of its ceramic elastomeric wall coating technology

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Rhino Shield behind the scenes look at operations Rhino Shield behind the scenes look at operations
Rhino Shield Wisconsin

Owner of Rhino Shield Wisconsin Jay Mariano offers an insight into his company’s revolutionary premium wall coating system.

Created with no expense spared following more than a year of intensive research and development, Rhino Shield has now been a leading premium wall coating system in the United States and globally for almost two decades. Rhino Shield Wisconsin’s Jay Mariano takes a closer look at the technology and its benefits.

“Rhino Shield’s ceramic elastomeric wall coating technology breaks the perpetual exterior painting cycle which we face here in Wisconsin,” explains Mariano, owner of Rhino Shield Wisconsin. Rhino Shield is touted to eliminate frequent house repainting via superior adhesion and ceramic coating technology, representing a substantial financial saving over time.

Independently tested by BASF labs, Rhino Shield also boasts eco-friendly qualities, being non-toxic, non-flammable, low-odor, and containing low VOCs, according to Mariano. “At Rhino Shield Wisconsin,” he explains, “we utilize our incredible technology to waterproof both private and commercial buildings to prevent mold, mildew, and algae growth.”

The technology, Rhino Shield Wisconsin owner Mariano says, allows natural water vapors to escape due to its superior breathability and works on virtually any surface, including wood, stucco, brick, and block. “What’s more, from being eco-friendly, highly breathable, and eliminating frequent house repainting, to working on almost any surface, these are just a small handful of our core benefits,” he adds.

Other core benefits, according to the Rhino Shield Wisconsin website, include saving time and money, guaranteed to last, lowering energy costs, beautifying homes and other buildings, and increasing their values.

“For example, Rhino Shield Wisconsin’s transferable warranty is a home selling feature, by putting future homeowners at ease with a long-lasting coating,” explains Mariano. Rhino Shield also produces a luxurious and vibrant sheen once applied and, even better, he says, looks great for years. “It utterly transforms a building’s exterior and can be tinted to any one or more of 1,500 colors,” adds the Rhino Shield Wisconsin owner.

A testament to operations at the company, Rhino Shield Wisconsin is A-rated with the nonprofit Better Business Bureau. “Rated by the Better Business Bureau, businesses such as ourselves are bound to adhere to its impeccable standards,” adds Mariano of Rhino Shield Wisconsin’s commitment to the mission of the organization whose motto proudly states ‘start with trust.’

“Choose Rhino Shield Wisconsin,” he adds, wrapping up, “and never paint again!”