Richard E. Nobles Discusses Asset Mitigation Planning

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Richard E. Nobles Discusses Asset Mitigation Planning Richard E. Nobles Discusses Asset Mitigation Planning
Richard E. Nobles - Asset Mitigation Planning
Richard E. Nobles – Asset Mitigation Planning

BOWLING GREEN, Kentucky, USA, January 3, 2019,/EbizNewswire/ — When a disaster strikes, it can feel like the end of the world. Through ProTouch Restoration, Richard E. Nobles provides clients with peace of mind during these tough times.

Through the Asset Mitigation Planning program, ProTouch Restoration provides a custom-tailored approach to each client to protect what’s most valuable.

The AMP program protects your investment, minimizes liability, and can eliminate maintenance nightmares after a disaster.

Richard E. Nobles knows just how important it is for clients to have help during this time, and through the AMP program, they will provide building inspections and a free, time-stamped report, with next steps and professional
recommendations moving forward. Through this proactive program, they identify liability and discover actionable repairs or insurable damage. The AMP program will also create a documented baseline to protect your assets now and well into the future, providing much-needed peace of mind.

“Through this program, we are truly able to help people when they need it the most,” explained Richard E. Nobles. “Preparing for these types of disasters can be difficult, and we are there to walk clients through this process every step of the way.”

Save time and allow clients to focus on what matters most

The AMP program removes burdens and obstacles from clients so they can get back to living life and rebuilding the future.

Through the AMP program, we focus on connecting before a loss occurs by understanding each of the client’s needs, identifying any pain points, and creating an open line of communication to avoid any problems moving forward. This way, we are able to prioritize pain points, develop appropriate profiles on buildings and create an action plan that involves visually inspecting buildings, photo documentation, and written reports. All of this helps to set up an action plan for the future, creating a path forward and maintaining communication for all future events.

Richard E. Nobles understands just how important it is to have a plan in place when a loss occurs, and through the AMP program, a dedicated manager will begin by conducting an on site damage assessment, arranging for temporary repair measures to secure the property if required and provide an initial general assessment damage report. With the AMP program, you will have a dedicated project manager who will provide assistance with filing a claim, inform the insurance company that your property has been properly inspected and obtain all pertinent documentation needed to move forward.

Having this type of dedicated support is a game changer when going through a major disaster, and Richard E. Nobles prides himself on always being available to help clients when they need it the most.

Your dedicated project manager will meet the insurance adjuster and represent you, working with the adjuster to ensure that nothing gets missed and will help with the rebuilding process.

Preparing for a disaster now can save you time, money, and emotional pain in the future if one ever occurs, and Richard E. Nobles is here to walk you through the process.

To learn more about Richard E. Nobles and Asset Mitigation Planning, connect with him by clicking here.