Richard L. Taylor Is A Recipient Of The Honorary Doctor of Engineering Technology Award

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Richard L Taylor Is A Recipient Of The Honorary Doctor of Engineering Technology Award Richard L Taylor Is A Recipient Of The Honorary Doctor of Engineering Technology Award

Two main passions fill Richard Taylor’s time, engineering technology and public service. When Richard can combine both of his interests to serve his local communities, he jumps at the chance. 

Richard Taylor Boston is a natural helper. He devotes most of his time to the work he does in the real estate industry. His job is only one of the methods he uses to help better the lives of those around him.

Other forms include writing a book about Martha’s Vineyard culture and developing an MV exhibit at the museum that used basketball as a metaphor for life.

Richard L. Taylor is always thinking about others and what he can offer. Public service and civic engagement have been a continuous thread in his life. Richard fills his life with ways to improve everyone’s experience. It is all a part of his journey.

Richard served on the Board of Directors of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, where he worked with Fed President Dick Syron. Together, they created the “redlining study” that transformed community banking in Boston. 

Richard L. Taylor was the Founding President of the Minority Developers Association. He was also a past President of the Boston Ballet. This was when he served as “Chair of the Building Committee.” He helped have the current Ballet Studios on Clarendon Street built. 

Richard is a person who walks the walk, he is a man of action. He is not afraid to take on new projects and is always up for a challenge, especially if it can positively impact the lives of others. 

His public consideration and support have not gone unnoticed.

In recognition of his private-sector successes and service, Richard received two Honorary Degrees. Naturally, this caught him by surprise as he lives to perform his passions, but he appreciates the nods.

Richard L. Taylor is the recipient of the Honorary Doctor of Engineering Technology. The award was from the Wentworth Institute of Technology. 

The second award he received was the Honorary Doctor of Public Service from Bridgewater State College.

Working in, with, and around his neighborhood is a real pleasure for Richard. 

His passions continue to keep him busy, and he yearns to find other ways to do more for his community.

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