Richard L. Taylor Promotes Fair Elections In Georgia As A Co-Chair Of Fair Fight

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Richard L Taylor Promotes Fair Elections In Georgia As A Co Chair Of Fair Fight Richard L Taylor Promotes Fair Elections In Georgia As A Co Chair Of Fair Fight

Richard L. Taylor is knowledgeable about micro-housing and construction compliance. He is also well-versed in urban economic development policies.

After graduating from Harvard Law School and Business School, he began his career. Richard L. Taylor of Boston provided strategic planning services to Fortune 500 companies at Boston Consulting Group.

Along with being a real estate executive, Richard L. Taylor, Boston, is also an author.

Today, he serves as the Chairman of the Taylor-Smith Companies, and as the Secretary of Transportation. Richard L. Taylor is a leader in the commercial, residential, and retail industries.

Richard L. Taylor works to create better communities for everyoneRichard L. Taylor promotes fair elections in Georgia and around the country as the Co-Chair of Fair Fight. He also makes donations.

Fair Fight brings awareness to the public on election reform. The organization advocates for election reform at all levels.

Over the years, Richard L. Taylor Boston has managed government agencies. He has supervised university programs.

Voter suppression of voters of color and young voters is happening all over our country. Georgia and other states across the nation must face this issue.

With Fair Fight, Richard L. Taylor engages with voters and voter outreach programs. He encourages and educates voters to take part in elections.

Richard L. Taylor wants Americans to exercise their voting rights and will help them do it.

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