Richard L. Taylor’s Career Grants Him Opportunities To Give Back In Gratitude For His Life Achievements

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Richard L Taylors Career Grants Him Opportunities To Give Back In Gratitude For His Life Achievements Richard L Taylors Career Grants Him Opportunities To Give Back In Gratitude For His Life Achievements

Richard L. Taylor Boston has had a life-long calling. Now, with his current career roles, he can fulfill it.

Currently, Richard L. Taylor holds three professional positions. Richard L. Taylor is the Chairman at the real estate company, Taylor Smith Group, he is the Secretary of Transportation, and the founding director of the Center for Real Estate at Suffolk University.

After graduating from Harvard Law and Business Schools, Richard L. Taylor began his career. At Boston Consulting Group, he provided strategic planning services. His clients were from various industries at Fortune 500 companies.

Richard L. Taylor Boston also served as Vice President for Development at Fidelity. Taylor worked to secure the development rights for Commonwealth Pier property and Flats.

Later, Richard L. Taylor became Division Vice President for Central and Western Massachusetts. He led sales, services, and operations for health insurance clients. His division managed over $400 million in premiums.

Eventually, Richard L. Taylor received a promotion. He became Division Vice President for National Accounts.

Richard Taylor managed over $900 million in premium sales. Richard L. Taylor also Chaired the Sales Compensation, Marketing, and Advertising Committees.

Richard L. Taylor Boston recognizes his flourishing career and advancements. He does not take any of it for granted. His hard work and determination helped land him where he stands today.

Yet, Richard does not overlook the support and opportunities he received from others.

His professional career allows him to attend civic engagements and public services. Both activities empower him to achieve his lifelong calling.

Richard L. Taylor Boston served on the Board of Directors of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston. He worked with Fed President Dick Syron on the “redlining study.” It transformed community banking in Boston.

Richard L. Taylor is a long-time Board member of the Boston Branch of the NAACP. He also served as Chairman of the Board of the Urban League of Eastern Massachusetts. He helped bring the National Conference of the Urban League to Boston.

Additionally, Richard L. Taylor Boston was the Trustee of Cambridge College. He was a supervisor at the Wentworth Institute of Technology.

Taylor worked on the Board of Higher Education for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

In June 2019, Richard L. Taylor purchased the Nubian Gallery, formerly Hamill Gallery. Located in the heart of the Roxbury Arts and Cultural District in Boston.

The three-story Gallery has 10,000 sq. Ft. and is currently undergoing an interior facelift. Changes include new logo competitions and partnerships with associations. The Gallery has a full-range of artists, photographers, artisans, and other creatives.

Robert L. Taylor Boston is working on his goal for the Gallery. He wants it to become a catalyst for expanding programming and events in the District. He aims to reveal new and emerging artists to consumers across Boston’s neighborhoods.

Richard L. Taylor Boston looks through a modern lens to view the world of art and culture. The Gallery’s focus is on bringing new artists with various talents together.

The Nubian Gallery is a continuation of Richard’s decades-long community commitment.

Richard Taylor understands that all his ventures would not have been possible without his loving wife, Kathy. He appreciates her support and guidance and that given by countless others.

Public service and civic engagement are a continuous thread in his life. They enable him to give back in gratitude for the opportunities he has received. This includes his recent venture with the Nubian Gallery.

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