Richard Taylor Began his Career Providing Strategic Planning Services to Fortune 500 Companies

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Richard Taylor Began his Career Providing Strategic Planning Services to Fortune Companies Richard Taylor Began his Career Providing Strategic Planning Services to Fortune Companies

Richard Taylor’s successful career has required him to wear many hats. Currently, Richard Taylor is the Chairman of the Taylor Smith Group. At the same time, he also serves as the Director of the Center for Real Estate at Suffolk University. As chairman of the Taylor Smith Group, Richard manages real estate business entities. He runs a development company and their real estate commercial brokerage company.

Every one of his ventures, especially his current ones, have allowed him to move forward in his goals. This includes his visions involving corporate matters, civic engagement activities, and public service.

As with his business affairs, Richard Taylor is on multiple missions, which include civic engagement and public service. Working in business and serving others are two of his main passions. Both meet his desire to live a fulfilling life. He gives back in gratitude for the opportunities he has enjoyed.

Richard Taylor appreciates all the excellent guidance from those who assisted him in growing his profession. Richard Taylor’s expertise has developed with every experience and position, but his career did not begin until after graduation.

Richard was a student at Harvard Law School and Harvard Business School. Once he finished his schooling, he plunged straight into the business world.

He wasted no time in laying down the foundation to start his healthy and long-standing career. It all began when he started working at a well-known Boston consulting group. He provided strategic planning services to different industries at Fortune 500 companies.

Richard Taylor of Boston also served as Vice President of Development at the company Fidelity. He worked to secure development rights for Commonwealth Pier property and the Flats.

Over time, Richard Taylor’s role in the real estate industry changed to a new one. He served as Division Vice President for Central and Western Massachusetts. This new position took Richard in a new direction.

Richard Taylor led the sales, services, and operations of all health insurance clients. He worked with people from Framingham to Pittsfield. Richard Taylor Boston then received a promotion.

He moved into the role of Division Vice President for National Accounts. He also Chaired the Sales Compensation, Marketing, and Advertising Committees.

Every role has strengthened Richard Taylor’s skills and has only enhanced his expertise. He gains inspiration with every “career hat” he wears and appreciates new experiences.

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