Richard Todd Bunnage Gives Back With Hunt of a Lifetime

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 Richard Todd Bunnage Recalls Favorite Hunts from Hunt of a Lifetime

Hunt of a Lifetime is a nonprofit organization committed to helping children and young adults 21 and younger with life-threatening health conditions have their hunt of a lifetime. Richard Todd Bunnage has participated in several hunts, making dreams come true and creating fond memories.

Why Hunt of a Lifetime Chose Richard Todd Bunnage

Hunt of a Lifetime was founded by Tina Pattison. When her son was diagnosed with cancer, she discovered that most foundations didn’t offer wishes for those over 18 or provide hunting trips. She created the foundation to help others in similar situations as her son, with a desire to go on their dream hunt and dealing with life-threatening illnesses or disabilities.

Richard Todd Bunnage is in a unique position to provide these special types of hunts. He has a passion for volunteering and love of family. In addition, he is an EMTA. These skills have served him well as a hunting guide, and allowed him to help make a few special dreams come true.

First Hunt of a Lifetime

Richard Todd Bunnage‘s first hunt of a lifetime guest was a boy named Zach. Zach’s father left him at a young age. His friends taught him to hunt, and it became one of his passions. Wrestling was another passion for Zach in his high school years. He was participating in a wrestling tournament when he experienced intense leg pain. A visit to the chiropractor revealed a mass on his hip, and led to a bleak prognosis from St. Jude Children’s hospital.

Zach made an amazing recovery. He learned about Hunt of a Lifetime while in the hospital, and told the representatives he had always wanted to go on a moose hunt. Moose hunts are a specialty of Richard Todd Bunnage, so Hunt of a Lifetime contacted him about Zach. When Mr. Bunnage talked to Zach, he was inspired by his perseverance and positivity. Arrangements were made for Zach’s hunt, including his best friend and his best friend’s father, which played a pivotal role in Zach’s love of hunting.

Richard Todd Bunnage recounts the magic moment when Zach took his shot, saying,

I called the moose out into the open where Zack took a shot and hit the moose. I told his buddy to shoot to help and the moose went down. When the boy turned around they each had a cut in their eyebrows from the scope in exactly the same place. They were both bleeding and crying at the same time with happiness.

Thanks to his medical training, Richard Todd Bunnage was able to treat both boy’s eyebrows by gluing the cuts. They then had a companionable meal of backstrap.

Richard Todd Bunnage is active in his local community and church. He’s trained several outdoor guides, and also coaches several sports. He owns Rugged Outfitting which provides guided hunts for moose, black bear, wolf, elk, and white-tail deer, as well as fishing expeditions.