Rick Littlefield and Father Have Owned and Managed Robin Hood Camp for Nearly a Hundred Years

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Rick Littlefield Rick Littlefield

Robin Hood Camp is known around the world for its one-of-a-kind summer camp program that offers some of the most diverse and specialized activities to kids from more than 40 countries. Camp owner and leader Rick Littlefield and his father are only seven years away from an unbroken two generations of leadership & ownership, a tremendous feat for any organization or business.

Few summer camps boast as exceptional a program as Robin Hood Camp provides to children across the globe. Located in Maine at a unique position near the ocean, lush forests, and freshwater lakes, the camp has set the bar for summer school programs since its doors first opened to the public in 1927. Since then, Rick Littlefield and his father before him have served as the camp leaders, achieving nearly 100 consecutive years of father/son management.

The Littlefields have achieved a unique accomplishment that almost no other organization or business in the world achieved to date. In just two generations of family leadership and ownership, handed down from father to son, the Littlefields have ensured their camp runs at its highest caliber and accepts a highly-inclusive bunch of attendees each summer.

“We try to bring in only the most exceptional camp leaders to instruct our activities and courses, and we take advantage of as much of the local land and water during the summer as we can,” says current camp owner Rick Littlefield. “Because of that, we’ve gained a strong international reputation for excellence and uniqueness. I don’t think that would have been the case if my father and I didn’t hold the reins all these years, upholding our camp’s mission to provide a nurturing environment that fosters independence and self-confidence.”

Robin Hood Camp offers many activities that are on par with those at renowned specialty camps, and instruction is led by world-class experts such as 6-time Wakeboard World Champion Dean Lavelle, Harvard Squash Coach Hameed Ahmed, and PGA pro Dave Deheras. Here, kids aged six to sixteen encounter professional athletes and trainers who impart lasting skills on them in a range of sports and activities.

Summer camp attendees learn to wake surf, golf like professionals, maneuver through nature during survival programs, and become experts at both fly fishing and spin cast fishing. They can also learn to canoe and play tennis, enhance kickboxing skills, develop a knack for sailing, and learn archery under expert tutelage, and much more.

The quest to achieve a hundred full years of service between father and son goes on, and Robin Hood Camp continues to improve its offerings each passing summer under their guidance. With just two generations of family leadership, the Littlefields have created one of the most exceptional and respected summer camp programs of all time.