Rick Littlefield Hosts a Hand-Selected, Internationally Diverse Group of Campers at Robin Hood Camp

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Rick Littlefield Rick Littlefield

Owner and Director Rick Littlefield maintains Robin Hood Camp’s reputation as the country’s top summer camp program, and he has consistently expanded its offerings and improved its quality since taking on the leadership position. Personally interviewing candidates, he ensures the camp hosts only good children who will make the most of their experience.

Rick Littlefield and his father have been the sole owners and operators of Robin Hood Camp, upholding values of excellence and diversity for almost a hundred years between them. The property is located along the coast of Maine and offers a truly unique experience because of its proximity to lakes, oceans, and the lush landscapes of rural Maine. The camp has maintained an unparalleled reputation since first opening their doors to the public in 1928 and today is the only summer camp remaining in the U.S. that borders both ocean and a freshwater lake.

Robin Hood Camp accepts children and teens from six to sixteen years old and invites children from more than 40 countries to attend their exclusive summer program. Rick Littlefield and his father have long ensured that their camp doesn’t discriminate against any nationality and, instead, builds camaraderie and relationships between kids from dozens of international cultures.

“Going overseas, we get to showcase what Robin Hood Camp is all about, which is inclusion
and fun for kids anywhere,” says Rick Littlefield. “Not many other summer camps go to such
extreme measures to ensure diversity in their programs like we do.”

In addition, Rick Littlefield is careful to only accept kids who are good natured, well-behaved, and who will make the most of their time at Robin Hood Camp. He personally interviews every prospective camper and asks them to submit two positive teacher recommendations in order to be considered for acceptance. Over the years, Rick Littlefield has traveled to more than 40 countries to interview and select potential campers, and he relies first and foremost on the recommendations of other good campers and their families. Robin Hood does no commercial advertising, and 95% of campers come strictly from these “word of mouth” recommendations.

“Robin Hood Camp is focused on fun, community, and personal growth for each one of our
campers, no matter how young or old,” says Rick Littlefield. “We’ve always strived to be
inclusive in everything that we offer, and we’ve recruited children from around the world to
spend their summers making new friends, trying new activities, and challenging themselves at
our camp.”

Robin Hood Camp is staffed with leading professionals who instruct more than 30 sports and activity options taking place each day of campers’ stay. While there, campers build their own program based on their preferences and at what level of competition they want to participate in. Among other useful skills, this helps all campers grow by nurturing independence, self-knowledge, and other life-world choices.

“We’ve created a truly inviting and advantageous summer camp program in one of the most beautiful places on earth,” says Rick Littlefield.