Rick Littlefield Invites Visitors to Experience Maine at the Oakland House Seaside Resort

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Rick Littlefield Rick Littlefield

Resort owner Rick Littlefield invites visitors to experience some of Maine’s most picturesque scenery at the Oakland House Seaside Resort.

Coastal Maine has long been a popular vacation among East Coast Americans. The beaches are pristine, the lobster is fresh for the taking, and opportunities for seaside adventures are endless. Rick Littlefield and his wife Robin Littlefield believe Maine is one of the most magical places in the country to live and vacation, and they’re inviting visitors to enjoy the magic with them.

Robin and Rick Littlefield are the owners of the Oakland House Seaside Resort. This historic property, which has been in the Littlefield family since 1763, was at risk of being torn down. In fear of losing the gorgeous property and the historic homes and cottages upon it, Robin and Rick Littlefield decided to take over the property and get to work.

“This property has been in my family for so long, there wasn’t a chance we were letting the Inn get torn down,” Rick Littlefield says.

The Inn itself was in rough condition after being ignored for years and had not had a paying guest for 40 years. However, the Littlefields quickly got down to business, renovating the interior and exterior into the charming Oakland House Seaside Resort. The resort now features pristine gardens, two private ocean beaches, access to a fresh-water lake beach, cozy communal spaces, a gorgeous dining room, and rooms that are the ideal combination of history and modern amenities.

“We are eager for people to come experience all the natural beauty Brooksfield has to offer,” Rick Littlefield says. “Our goal is always to make the Oakland House Seaside Resort a place to which people will be eager to return after a long day on the beach or enjoying other outdoor adventures.”

Brooksville, Maine, is a small town located on Penobscot Bay. It’s population, including Robin and Rick Littlefield, is just 934. The charming town features a tranquil cove which has long been a mooring spot for yachts and power boats. Two guest mooring are available. The two ocean beaches are gorgeous and the pristine lake beach is walking distance.

“Brooksville is more than just our home. We are in love with this community, and we want to share it with travelers from across the country and around the globe, whether they visit for breakfast or stay for two weeks,” Rick Littlefield adds.

The Oakland House Seaside Resort currently offers eight separate cottages for rent, a 130-year-old inn equipped with rooms and suits, the spacious Acorn Guest House, and the recently re-opened dining room. Robin and Rick Littlefield offer the best local knowledge on hiking, paddling, fishing, sailing, sunset-watching, tennis, golf, waterskiing, horseback riding and more.

The Littlefields also offer breakfast and dinner to the public Tuesday through Sunday, with a locally-famous Sunday brunch from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. They urge visitors to make reservations ahead of time by Open Table or by calling to ensure a seat, especially during the busy summer months.