Rick Littlefield of Robin Hood Camp Talks Its Unique Proximity to Both Lakes and the Ocean

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Rick Littlefield Rick Littlefield

Robin Hood Camp is internationally recognized for its unique summer camp offerings and its dedication to inclusivity, inviting kids from over 40 nations to attend. Below, Rick Littlefield discusses the benefit of the camp’s location next to fresh and saltwater, allowing campers to partake in a range of exciting activities. 


Rick Littlefield and his family have run the Robin Hood Camp located in Maine for generations, helping to carve out its high reputation around the world. While he’s a resident of Carmel, CA throughout the year, Littlefield relocates each summer to Brooksville, Maine  to oversee the activities of the camp. He’s been the owner of Robin Hood Camp since 1985 and the owner of Oakland House Seaside Resort in the same town since 2017. 


Over the years, he’s helped improve the offerings at Robin Hood Camp and has vastly expanded the activities and scope of the program. He’s been a Camper, Counselor, & Director since 1960. In this role, he guided the successful evolution of the program from an American All-Boys Camp to the co-ed international camp with campers from 40 countries around the world that it is today.


Robin Hood Camp offers campers a truly unique experience between the vast variety of available activities and the ability for campers to plot out their own daily and weekly schedules during the summer. Also, today it is the only summer camp remaining in the U.S. that borders both the ocean and a freshwater lake. The majority of the activities on property run on the lake side of camp because of the warmer 70-73 degree water of the 3-mile Walker Pond. The lake side is home to world-class sailing, world-class wake surfing, wakeboarding, waterskiing, Crew Shell Rowing training, windsurfing, kayaking, canoeing, paddle boarding, fishing, and PADI scuba diving certification courses.


Because of its proximity to the ocean, Robin Hood Camp also offers experiences like swimming with seals,marine biology, exploring the 100+ islands of Penobscot Bay and coastal harbors aboard their 24’ Boston Whaler with 300 HP, ocean kayaking,3-day ocean yacht cruises, day sailing on the ocean, whale watch expeditions, and island camping.


“The camp is located on a beautiful property in Maine that is teeming with lush forestry and wildlife during the summers, with quick access to both fresh and saltwater activities,” says Rick Littlefield. “This allows camp visitors to experience the country’s northern waters and explore all the local maritime heritage of the area.” Besides the dynamic waterfront activities Robin Hood offers land sports like world class instruction in Squash, Tennis, Golf, and Muy Thai kickboxing, plus much more.


Of the miles of coastline in the Eastern United States, Littlefield discusses how the coves, bays, and rocky beaches of Maine provide their own unique experiences that can’t be found anywhere else in the country. Here, campers can take in the vivid scenery or else immerse themselves in it through a range of excursions and activities. 


“We’re very proud of our summer camp and its location,” says Rick Littlefield. “American children and campers from 40 countries around the world are equally in awe at the landscapes and activities available at Robin Hood Camp.”