Rick Littlefield Runs Two Successful Business Properties in Maine

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Rick Littlefield Rick Littlefield

Rick Littlefield and his father have been the sole owners and operators of world-renowned Robin Hood Camp since it opened nearly a hundred years ago. In addition, he and his wife today also run the Oakland House Seaside Resort in Maine.

The landscapes, lakes, and ocean sides of Maine provide some of the most breathtaking views anywhere in the country. Rick Littlefield and his family have long created and maintained opportunities for visitors from around the world to experience their properties and the local adventures they offer.

Today, Rick Littlefield is the Owner and Manager of Robin Hood Camp, which is an industry-leading summer camp program for kids aged 6-16. He and his father before him have created an unparalleled summer program that teaches campers personal growth, camaraderie, diversity and world-class skills taught by leading professionals. Parents from more than 40 countries send their children to Robin Hood Camp where they enjoy truly unique offerings at one of the most well-respected summer camp programs on the planet.

Robin Hood Camp boasts an advantageous location in rural Maine, conveniently located near freshwater bodies and ocean shorelines. Because of this, the camp offers exclusive recreational opportunities normally reserved for specialized programs. Here, children can immerse themselves in world-class sailing, wake surfing, wakeboarding, waterskiing, rowing training, windsurfing, kayaking, canoeing, paddle boarding, fishing, scuba diving certification courses, and more. Another celebrated element of the camp is the ability for campers to plot out their own schedules each day or week, marking which activities they’d like to participate in and at what level.

In addition to Robin Hood Camp, Rick Littlefield and his wife also own and operate the Oakland House Seaside Resort in Maine, which is a resort colony of vintage cottages, a communal guest house, and a 130-year old inn on 60 acres on Eggemoggin Reach.

At the Oakland House, guests can paddle, hike, bike, fish, sail and explore the nearby Acadia National Park when not lounging around the luxurious resort. They can also participate in ocean and lake sailing, kayaking, canoeing, and paddle boarding in addition to playing tennis under the guidance of USTA Tennis professionals or golf with instruction from PGA professionals. Many of the activities on property are led by industry-leaders like freshwater fishing guides and sport instructors who teach lifelong skills to their guests.

The Oakland House resort overlooks Pumpkin Island and Deer Isle Bridge, offering up picturesque landscapes for visitors to explore or relax in. The resort boasts beautiful sunrises and sunsets with plenty of nearby hiking areas and overlooks to capture all the rare sights.

“We’ve created a handful of truly exceptional experiences here in Maine that cater to families on vacation, couples looking to getaway, and campers looking for summers filled with exciting adventures and weeks of fun,” says Rick Littlefield. “We’re happy to share our little slice of Heaven on Earth with the world.”