Startup Advice From Rick Rahim Before Opening Your New Business

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Rick Rahim Opening Your New Business Rick Rahim Opening Your New Business

For over 20 years, Rick Rahim has dominated the business world. He began his entrepreneurial infatuation when he started a lucrative limousine business that he ultimately sold.

rick rahim
Rick Rahim

Since then, Rahim’s command and ownership of many industries such as telecommunications, satellite provisions, author, inventor, investor and President of have made him a well-known expert in the business world.

Currently, Rahim’s many companies collectively employ over 351 people in 13 locations in 7 states; and generate many millions of dollars per year in revenue. What does it take to start a successful business? Rick Rahim has the answers that many people are looking for, and you don’t have to be an Ivy League graduate to make a name for yourself. In fact, Rahim takes great pride that he came from the University of Hard Knocks.

When considering starting a business, Rick Rahim has a few rules. Does your business fill a need? If you can bring a product or service to the public at a better price, higher quality, or if you’ve invented something new, you must know your audience and plan how you’re going to market your brand and your business.

You need to know how you will finance your business. Do you plan to self-fund, get a loan or have angel investors? Having a realistic grasp of your financial needs is critical when launching a new business. Do not go into business with a “convenient partner.” If you choose to have partners, it’s imperative to make sure that they have the same goals in mind, and that you can endure working with them long-term.


Ideologies with Rick Rahim

Entrepreneurs have a lot of ideas and aspirations, but it’s important to stay focused on finishing what you start; following through and making your business the best it can be is critical. This mentality will keep you going even through challenging times. Whatever you do, don’t quit. If you have a genuine desire to make it successful, you will. To stay the course, you’ll need to update your business plan continually, as the market, your finances, and the end users need will inevitably change.

Rick Rahim understands the importance of networking to grow your business, your name, and your influence. Being an accomplished capitalist, Rahim fervently believes the real asset of success lies in the vision and quality of your team. That’s why Rahim has assembled a very talented executive staff capable of managing and growing his daily operations, and he also relies heavily on his relationships with more than a dozen multimillionaires who sit on his informal advisory board.

Rick Rahim also recognizes that before anyone starts a new business, they should make certain that they’re in it for the right reasons, and they should surround themselves with successful people. If your heart is in it, it’s worth the risk. Taking risks is an essential element of being an entrepreneur but having a plan and being prepared is the key to attainment and actual accomplishment.
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