RN Brandy Zwicker Reveals How Working Mothers Can Squeeze in a Great Workout During Their Busy Day!

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Brandy Zwicker Brandy Zwicker

Brandy Zwicker is a one-woman army. Having acquired her degree in 2006, she has been working as a Registered Nurse in North Dakota in the grueling world of medical oncology, cardiac telemetry and critical care step down, and has risen through the ranks to become a Director of Nursing and Quality Assurance Manager.

Add to this, Brandy Zwicker relentlessly hop-scotches between the busy lives of her five children and still makes sure to get her daily dose of exercise. How does she do it? Brandy tells all below!

“Mothers out there know that keeping those plates spinning all at once is a mighty task,” the mile-a-minute mom continues, “but as women, we have to equip our bodies with the right armor to defend against obesity, stress, heart conditions, pulmonary disorders and high blood sugar levels. The catalyst? A sedentary lifestyle. You owe it to your kids to live your healthiest life.”

To her, exercise is what you make it. Brandy Zwicker likes to get really creative to combat the boredom most already-exhausted moms feel when faced with the dreaded “W” word; Workouts.

Her advice? Spice things up! Brandy loves to run, attend spin cycle classes, do yoga and weight training, shoot some hoops and, yes, even take on indoor rock climbing. She has set her sights on professional fitness competitions in the future.

“After a day of arranging playdates and taking your kids to soccer practice, I get it, working up the strength to go work out frankly seems a ridiculous prospect,” Brandy Zwicker acknowledges. “The important thing is, no matter how bone-weary you feel, create a vision to motivate yourself.”

Why is exercise important to you? What do you hope to get out of it? Maybe you’re doing it to keep up with your kids. Or maybe you want to shed those baby pounds. Once you have the vision, you’ll be reminded of how even a little workout can get you closer to your goals. It’s that little spark that gets you on your feet.

Even though exercising seems like more of an off-the-cuff chore, it’s best for busy mothers to book appointments for certain activities, whether that’s a yoga or spin cycle class. A commitment on paper very quickly translates to a commitment in real life.

According to Brandy Zwicker, even if mothers can squeeze in a 30-minute workout into their busy day, they’re doing amazing things for their fitness levels. “When in doubt, talk to a physician about a sustainable fitness regime,” she recommends.

Also, make the most of every seemingly mundane task. On a coffee run? Jog all the way there! Watching your kids at the playground? Do some light cardio! Realize that exercise opportunities are all over, you just have to know where to look.

Brandy Zwicker continues to advocate for a healthier and more active lifestyle for working mothers. She plans to develop innovative techniques to afford greater access to quality healthcare resources. On the sidelines, Brandy is working towards her ambition to become a Family Nurse Practitioner someday.