Robert Bailey, Former UC Berkeley Registrar and Director of Admissions, Showcases Professional Highlights

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Robert Bailey Robert Bailey

A former UC Berkeley registrar and director of admissions, Robert Bailey, from Lafayette, California, reflects on a lifetime of career highlights and other professional accolades.

 Robert Bailey, a former UC Berkeley registrar and director of admissions, has over 20 years of successful records management experience and has developed records programs from ‘cradle to grave’ in numerous settings, including in government and private enterprise. With a doctorate in administration and a master’s in information technology, Bailey, from Lafayette, California, reflects on his decades-long career and showcases a number of his favorite professional highlights.

Bailey kicks off by first turning to his writing. “While at UC Berkeley, I wrote a total of five books,” he reveals, “on topics ranging from minority admissions to financial aid and high school counseling.”

While at the University of Oklahoma, meanwhile, and serving as director of registration, Bailey was responsible for identifying a single site for registration, eliminating traditionally long lines, and implemented mark sense grade reporting for faculty. “This cut reporting time in half,” he explains, “and meant getting grades to students much sooner.”

Robert Bailey was also the first-ever director of admissions and records at Governors State University in Park Forest South, Illinois. The former UC Berkeley registrar and director of admissions oversaw relocation from a planning site in an old mall shoe store to a new campus with 5,000 students. “I also established a narrative transcript,” adds Bailey, “for this upper-division and graduate institution.”

Among perhaps Bailey’s most impressive achievements, however, is his implementation of online registration at UC Berkeley – something that had, until then, never been accomplished before. “It’s true,” says Bailey, “I did indeed implement the first-ever online registration at the UC Berkeley campus.”

Former UC Berkeley registrar and director of admissions Robert Bailey has served in a variety of roles in the United States and Canada as well as overseas, including in the global financial center and island city-state of Singapore.

In addition to the above, other achievements accomplished by Bailey include setting up large scale emergency management and disaster recovery programs, salvaging ECM system disasters, writing complete records policy and records procedures manuals, implementing free student subscription programs, and completing in-depth reviews of various finance departments – at least one of which, he says, was then used as a ‘poster child’ for future provincial record management.

Bailey, formerly of UC Berkeley, has also taught information systems courses both at undergraduate and graduate levels, as well as within workshop and seminar settings.

“While with the Department of State in Washington D.C., meanwhile,” he adds, wrapping up, “I worked on the new Filenet ECM system and later assisted in researching its replacement, Microsoft Azure.”