Robert Bailey Highlights the Benefits of Online Registration in Universities

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Robert Bailey UC Berkeley Robert Bailey

Berkeley, CA / April 20, 2020 / In this time of COVID-19 and schools closing temporarily or moving to entirely online classes, the need for paperless systems in universities continues to grow. Robert Bailey UC Berkeley, is a pioneer of online registration, electronic grade submission, and ensuring better admission processes through paperless systems. Online registration allows school procedures to proceed without interruption along with time and cost savings. At the current rate of change, remote options are not only becoming common in universities and workplaces but also preferred.

“Most people would rather log on and register for classes then show up to stand in line early in the morning,” says Robert Bailey UC Berkeley. “All you have to do is see how often students order from GrubHub or Postmates–no one wants to interrupt study or otherwise leave home unless it is absolutely necessary.”

That is often the main benefit of online registration–time.  When he was first designing record systems, Robert Bailey UC Berkeley noticed students often feel pressured to choose classes and produce the correct forms. When they forget a form or do not have a back-up plan when a class fills up, the traditional papered registration system can be unwieldy and overwhelming.

“Online registration eliminates the traditional long lines associated with the start of every semester,” said Robert Bailey UC Berkeley. “Students can take more time choosing classes, including alternatives if a class fills up. It allows for better engagement in education and less frustration.”

It also saves time for college staff. Online registration eliminates the need for sorting forms and entering data. There is not the same time commitment to helping students verify classes and track down forms. In fact, making things easier for registrar offices was a strong motivation in Robert Bailey UC Berkeley decision to create better record management.

“UC Berkeley, like other schools, invests considerable time and money in managing records,” says Robert Bailey UC Berkeley. “When you implement a paperless system, starting with online registration, this becomes much more efficient. You do not waste time searching for lost records and the chance of making errors is low. Online registration is not just about ease for students. It allows for better management systems that also reduces frustration for staff.”

Robert Bailey UC Berkeley noticed considerable cost savings. The traditional registration system often resulted in staff overtime, which is one cost. Better records management reduces that expense. Also, costs decrease mainly due to the lack of paper and printing costs.

“Paper registration existed only because there were no other alternatives,” says Robert Bailey UC Berkeley. “However, once there was an alternative to it, many schools jumped at the opportunity for improved efficiency for lower costs.”

Online registration also addresses another modern problem that is especially considered by the current generation of university-attending students. As pandemics and environmental disasters seem imminent, there is a strong movement to reduce humanity’s impact on the environment. Robert Bailey UC Berkeley noticed this trend as well.

“Students are more aware than ever of the effects of greenhouse gases, dwindling resources, and deforestation,” says Robert Bailey UC Berkeley. “You can see this awareness as recycling spreads and students seek better alternatives to using paper. Implementing online registration is a conservation effort as well and one that is appreciated by this generation.”