Robert Bailey UC Berkeley Reflects on Time Spent Working in Singapore

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Robert Bailey UC Berkeley Robert Bailey

Former director of admissions Robert Bailey UC Berkeley looks back on his career in the global financial center of Singapore, Southeast Asia.

From the International School of Business and Commerce to a vice-presidential role in records for a leading transnational company, Robert Bailey UC Berkeley has, to date, completed a total of four contracts for a number of prestigious organizations in the Southeast Asian Republic of Singapore. Also teaching and overseeing regular courses centered around records management while based in the global financial center, Robert Bailey looks back on his years spent working in the island city-state.

Robert Bailey Has More Than 20 Years Experience

“After more than 20 years in records and admissions at the University of California at Berkeley, I accepted the first of four contracts in Singapore, Southeast Asia,” explains former registrar and director of admissions Robert Bailey UC Berkeley. With over two decades of invaluable experience in admissions and records at UC Berkeley, Bailey also boasts a doctorate in administration and a master’s in information technology, according to his resume.

Leaving California for his very first contract in Singapore, Southeast Asia, back in 1992, Robert Bailey UC Berkeley would take up the highly prestigious role of dean of the American College, today more commonly known as the Singapore American School. “Recognized for its largely unparalleled culture of excellence, the college is famed around the world,” reveals Bailey.

Robert Bailey Transitioned Back to Records Management

Remaining in Singapore, Robert Bailey UC  would later move back into records management, this time in a vice-presidential role in records for a leading transnational company headquartered in the global financial center. “I subsequently returned to my roots, however,” Bailey explains, “next accepting a position at Temasek Polytechnic in Tampines, Singapore.”

An institution of higher learning, Robert Bailey UC Berkeley served as a senior lecturer for a period of time on Temasek Polytechnic’s then-new program centered upon information studies. The institution, he says, remains only the third polytechnic ever to be established anywhere in Singapore.

Robert Bailey UC Berkeley Brings Talents to Singapore

Robert Bailey UC Berkeley‘s fourth and final role to date in Singapore kept the former UC Berkeley registrar and director of admissions in the education sector. “Leaving Temasek Polytechnic, I took a consultancy position offered to me by the International School of Business and Commerce,” adds Bailey, “another prestigious role at a leading organization based in the Southeast Asian republic.”Both in the U.S. and overseas, Robert Bailey has taught a wide variety of information systems and other courses at the graduate and undergraduate levels alike. “While in Singapore, I also led and oversaw regular seminars, workshops, and other courses,” adds the former UC Berkeley registrar and admissions director, wrapping up, “in fields ranging from records management to marketing and customer service, all of which were extremely well-received by students and attendees across the board.”