Robert Bailey, UC Berkeley former director of admissions, recaps personal and professional highlights

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Former UC Berkeley faculty member Robert Bailey looks back on a lifetime of personal and professional achievements.


From life in Singapore to his service in the U.S. Air Force, Robert Bailey, UC Berkeley former registrar and director of admissions, has enjoyed an illustrious career living and working all around the world. Now, looking back, he reflects on several of his favorite personal and professional highlights.


Robert Bailey most recently spoke, at length, about his time working on ‘The Rock’ of the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador. “When I tell people that I spent two years on The Rock, they laugh and ask what I was in prison for,” said Bailey. The former UC Berkeley registrar then went on to describe how he often has to explain that he was working for the Newfoundland, Canadian government as a records consultant in the OCIO office.


Bailey has also spoken at length about his life in Singapore and has reflected on his time in the U.S. Air Force.


To date, Bailey has completed four different contracts in Singapore, Southeast Asia – a renowned global financial center and island city-state. “Earlier in life, I was also a member of the U.S. Air Force,” explains the former UC Berkeley registrar, “where I started out assigned as an agent in the Office of Special Investigation.”


More recently, Robert Bailey, UC Berkeley former director of admissions, has returned to San Diego, California, to take on a new role at technology firm CollegeSource, Inc. where he previously served as senior vice president. “Founded almost 50 years ago, more than 2,000 colleges and universities, plus millions of users worldwide, today utilize CollegeSource products for transfer credit evaluation and articulation, degree audit, and academic planning,” explains Bailey.


On a more personal note, Robert Bailey has also spoken openly about his life-long commitment to Christianity. “For example, while at the University of Washington, I attended University Presbyterian and University Congregational churches,” he explains, “after first becoming affiliated with Summit Presbyterian Church in Bremerton, Washington, as a young child.”


Bailey has also been extremely active in Young Life, he says, which offers hope with spiritual values to nearly a million teenagers in more than 70 countries every year.


Reflecting on his time spent in Southeast Asia, earlier this month, Robert Bailey, UC Berkeley former registrar, responded to news of China’s recent coronavirus outbreak.


“While in Singapore, I traveled to dozens of different nearby countries—including to China several times—but I don’t recall ever hearing about Wuhan,” he explained. “Now,” he went on, “Wuhan is in the news worldwide; the city has become ground zero of the Chinese coronavirus outbreak.” 


Despite this, Bailey says he now plans to visit Wuhan at some point in the future because of his affiliation with Pacific Region Education Consultancy in Singapore, which organizes study tours in the area. “I will wait, however, I think,” he adds, wrapping up, “until the current medical crisis settles down.”