Robert Bouton McDougal of Orange County Discusses Method of Learning English Faster

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Robert Bouton McDougal Robert Bouton McDougal

English has often been called one of the most fun languages to learn, but it can often be one of the most challenging. This is true especially for non-English speakers that want to learn the language. In this article, Robert Bouton McDougal discusses some methods for learning ESL (English as a Second Language) fast.

The key, Robert McDougal of Orange County says, is to commit time to become totally immersed in the language. He says being around other native speakers will help you learn the language faster than going to ESL classes alone.
Some of the ways you can be around people and hear the English language being spoken in its native form are as follows:

Read everything you can, Robert McDougal of Orange County says. This includes books, magazines, online articles, blog posts, and news clips. When you read the written language as opposed to simply hearing it, you’re training your brain to associate the written word with the spoken term. This helps to pick the language up much faster than simply by listening to it.

Next, Robert McDougal of Orange County says listen to everything you can. Robert Bouton McDougal says by listening to as much as you can, you’ll be exposed to many more types of dialects and accents as well as more terminology than you’ll have in ESL class alone. Some of places to listen to native speakers include television, radio, YouTube videos, tutorials, movies, and interviews.

If you listen to native English speakers online, try to the “closed caption” turned on, so you can get the term on the screen along with the spoken word. Closed caption can be helpful, he adds, but be aware there are plenty of mistakes with closed captioning that might be confusing at times. One method that Robert McDougal of Orange County teaches his advanced students is that when you’re listening to a recording of native speakers, try imagining the written text appearing along with the spoken word, in a sort of imaginary closed-caption context. Once you master this, Robert McDougal adds, the language barrier will seem to disappear, allowing for better comprehension and conversation skills.

A fun shortcut that some learners take is by having a native-speaking buddy that is willing to talk with you. Encourage your friend to talk only in the English language and to use visuals if necessary, to get the message across. Many times, a buddy will be able to correct any mispronunciations or misinterpretations as you make them, making your education much richer than without them.

Another way to learning ESL faster is to write down new terms as you learn them. Robert McDougal of Orange County says if you’re just starting out, writing down new terms will help reinforce them in your mind as you learn them. If you don’t know the meaning of the term, that’s okay – you can always ask someone later.

Robert McDougal of Orange County also recommends new learners recording themselves in conversation when just beginning to learn English. Then, after you’ve had at least six months of tutorials and practice, record yourself again. This will boost even the slowest learner since you’ll be able to see how much you’ve learned in a short amount of time. “There’s nothing like motivation to keep us going, Robert McDougal of Orange County says.

Robert Bouton McDougal is a seasoned educator and language learning expert in Orange County, CA. With a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in English Language Learning, TESOL certification, and a robust teaching history across the U.S. and Central America, Robert McDougal of Orange County has years of experience helping non-native English speakers learn to speak English. Robert Bouton McDougal approaches every classroom and tutoring challenge with optimism and perseverance. If you are seeking a private English tutor for yourself or a loved one, Robert McDougal is a trained professional with the combined years of education and experience to put you on the fast track to fluency.