Robert Bouton McDougal Pens Accessibility Guidelines for English as a Second Language Studies Curriculum

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Robert McDougal Accessibility Guidelines for English as a Second Language Studies Curriculum Robert McDougal Accessibility Guidelines for English as a Second Language Studies Curriculum

Longtime English as a Second Language (ESL) and English Language Learner (ELL) Robert McDougal is excited to announce the release of a new set of accessibility guidelines through an imprint set up through his brand-new Costa Mesa learning center, the Robert McDougal English Language Institute.

The guidelines will help ESL/ELL learning centers, training institutes, schools, and tutoring hubs, as well as individual instructors and tutors, provide the best possible instruction for non-native English speakers with disabilities. Topics covered include physical accessibility guidelines in accordance with the standards set by the Americans with Disabilities, so that learning center owners can ensure that wheelchair users and other physically disabled students and teachers of all ages can access their facilities with ease. Additional sections cover accessibility as it pertains to visually impaired, hearing impaired, deaf, cognitively disabled, and chronically ill students.

Other sections include special considerations around disability-related language and terminology, managing classrooms effectively, and building self-confidence and public speaking and presenting skills in students of all age levels and disabilities.

Robert McDougal and his team of experienced editors, writers, and curriculum developers consulted with disabled activists, accessibility coordinators, special education teachers, ADA experts, and disability rights leaders to craft content that would truly cater to students from every background.

“We have noticed that many ESL instructors and learning center founders need further instruction and a deeper knowledge base when it comes to following and implementing accessibility guidelines,” says Robert Bouton McDougal. “This guide is an easy-to-follow, digestible solution to that common problem in the industry.” Additionally, Robert McDougal hopes that the 100-page booklet and downloadable PDF will encourage disabled ESL instructors to push for more accessible learning spaces and environments.

Robert Bouton McDougal is an ESL/ELL instructor and curriculum developer with a decade of education and experience behind him. With a bachelor’s and master’s degree and an extensive pedagogical background that includes private tutoring, classroom instruction, and small group leadership, Robert McDougal has dedicated his career entirely to the instruction of non-native English speakers. Robert Bouton McDougal is especially devoted to building confidence and leadership qualities in his students. He particularly enjoys teaching adult learners and seniors.

The new booklet is on sale through the small press at the Robert McDougal English Language Institute and is forthcoming at area bookstores. On Sep. 15, 2019, it will also be available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble’s online ebook platform.