Robert Burrage Shares the Value of Retaining Long-Term Employees

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Robert Burrage Shares the Value of Retaining Long Term Employees Robert Burrage Shares the Value of Retaining Long Term Employees

It’s challenging enough to find the right employees to work for your business, but Robert Burragebelieves it’s only half the battle. Once you’ve found hard-working employees that align with the company’s vision, it’s essential to keep them around for the long haul. Retention can be encouraged through a variety of methods, including positive company culture, competitive benefits, comfortable work environments, and room to grow within. Without understanding the need for those methods, however, employers may fail to implement them properly. Robert W. Burrage of Palm Beach and RWB Construction explains the value of retaining long-term employees.

When employees have been at a company for many years, they become incredibly knowledgeable. Robert W. Burrage explains that their value comes from experiencing changes within the workplace, performing in different roles, and improving efficiency. Knowledgeable employees ultimately contribute to a company’s bottom line.

New employees should be trained by long-term employees, providing a support system. When a new employee runs into a problem, time can be saved when they receive immediate assistance. Hiring and training new employees is also expensive. By retaining employees, Robert Burrage of Palm Beach explains that companies can avoid additional administrative work.

When a company experiences high turnover, it’s safe to say employees are not happy. High turnover lowers morale and makes other workers feel like their jobs are not secure. Additionally, the workflow is interrupted every time an employee leaves and must be replaced.

On the contrary, retaining employees indicates a stable and consistent work environment. Teams can function well together, and the office morale stays high. Happy, long-term employees are more loyal to their company and have more motivation to perform well in their roles.

Robert Burrage of Palm Beach suggests making employees feel appreciated through small gestures every week. Recognition during team meetings and genuinely caring about your employees and their families builds relationships and improves the overall work experience.

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