Robert McDougal Disagrees With Educators Who Say They Cannot Reach Every Student

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Robert McDougal Disagrees With Educators Who Say They Cannot Reach Every Student Robert McDougal Disagrees With Educators Who Say They Cannot Reach Every Student
 An experienced educator, Robert McDougal, has a master’s degree in English Language Learning. He also has TESOL certification, classroom experience, and has worked at learning centers.

Robert McDougal of Costa Mesa has a robust teaching history. His expertise grants him the right to share what he has learned about education.

Robert McDougal has traveled all across the US for teaching purposes. Robert has come up against many educators who feel they cannot reach every student. But Robert disagrees with this notion. Robert McDougal of Costa Mesa associates this sort of thinking with a willingness to give up on students. To forget about those who do not learn the way some teachers teach.

Robert McDougal says, “Schools need to do a better job at reflecting the learning styles of every student, starting with educators.”

Every student needs to have a voice about their education and access to educators who listen. Students should feel comfortable sharing their struggles with school. Teachers should be ready to provide alternative methods to aid them.

Educators who want to understand why a lesson is “hard” can significantly impact lives.

It is not an easy task to undertake, to say the least. It could be the reason most would rather say, “not all students can be reached.” It is definitely an easier route.

But, as a result, students suffer. Just as teachers need to change, so do students.

It is not easy for students to break the studying habits they have formed over the years, but it is necessary.

Robert McDougal of Costa Mesa says, “The system is broken, but with a change of mindset and action by educators, it can be fixed.”

Schools, teachers, parents, and students all need to come together. Not as a large group, in a giant theater hall or meeting room, but as a support team for each child.

No student is like the other, and neither is their learning style.

It does not make sense to think that one way of teaching works for everyone. There must be a better education strategy to present every student with the ability to learn their own way.

Robert McDougal believes it is time for an “education upgrade.” Even if that means change can only come with one teacher at a time.

Educators must stop having the mindset that some students are just unreachable. Instead, create and commit to a plan that makes the opposite come true.

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