Robert McDougal Says More People Need To Know About TESOL Certification

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Robert McDougal Says More People Need To Know About TESOL Certification Robert McDougal Says More People Need To Know About TESOL Certification

Robert McDougal is an English educator living in Costa Mesa, California. He has traveled across the United States, teaching English to Spanish-speaking students.

It is his own education that has allowed him to connect with people through language. Robert McDougal has a Master’s Degree in English Language Learning. He is passionate about teaching and happy that he made it his career of choice.

His experience and degree permit him to build relationships. It also grants him the ability to learn about the education system.

Meeting with people of other cultures has taught him about different learning styles. It also provides a better understanding of the level of knowledge they have earned.

Robert McDougal received his TESOL certification and encourages other educators to do the same. But there are still many people who do not know what TESOL means.

Formally, Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages, it is now TESOL International Association.

Founded in 1966, it is the largest professional organization for teachers of English as a second language. TESOL is based in Alexandria, Virginia.

Those certified can help others learn how to speak English, just as Robert McDougal does.

Teachers generally start their careers in education excited to learn. Over time, they want to expand their knowledge and teaching skills. When you choose to get TESOL certification, you receive many great benefits. Growth as a teacher is one of them.

You gain the ability to expand the lives you change. Teaching English is a great way to help others fall in love with the language.

“Many people struggle with becoming bilingual and need help from a qualified person. It makes becoming familiar with TESOL even more essential. More teachers should consider broadening their language skills, ” says Robert McDougal.

Students depend on us to learn and understand their world. It is already challenging for them to live in a society where English is the first language, let alone trying to gain an education.

How can we expect students who do not speak English to learn math and science from instructors who teach only in English?

It becomes harder to achieve at school and to graduate with the class. Passing a course where the instructor does not speak the same language is next to impossible. With a TESOL certification, you can help change the lives of many students.

Knowing many languages is also great when looking for a job. It not only opens up the minds of learners, but it expands their opportunities too.

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