Robert McDougal to Pen Book on ESL

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Robert McDougal to Pen Book on ESL Robert McDougal to Pen Book on ESL

When Robert McDougal isn’t helping others, he’s thinking of ways to help others and giving them resources to help themselves and those around them. Currently known for teaching English to non-native speakers in the Costa Mesa, CA area for the past six years, Robert McDougal is seeking to spread knowledge about teaching English as a second language to a wider audience in hopes that he can show the world the variety of benefits that the education of a new language can bring.

The term “ESL” itself is falling out of vogue for multiple reasons, Robert McDougal states. For one, and perhaps most obviously, the term (which stands for “English as a second language”) precludes the idea of anyone learning English as their third, or fourth language, or beyond. The term has also been criticized by some as implying that English is a language of lesser importance. Because of this, other terms have begun to become more popular in recent years, such as “ELL” (English language learners) or simply “EL” (English learners).

Robert McDougal‘s as-of-yet unnamed book will touch on many aspects of learning the English language as a non-native speaker. One major theme of the early parts of the book, Robert McDougal tells us, is learning English in a foreign country. There will be at least two full chapters dedicated to the differences between learning English for the purposes of moving to an English-speaking country and learning English for business purposes, such as inter-continental trading.

Another section of Robert McDougal‘s informational book describes the history and mechanics behind numerous versions of simplified English, including Basic English, Simplified Technical English, Threshold Level English, and others. As explained in the upcoming book, the purposes of these languages vary: while some were created out of a want for a global language intended for everyone to learn, others were created in order to be aimed towards secondary English-speakers for the purpose of spreading information.

Also touched upon throughout the currently unreleased book are Robert McDougal‘s own experiences in Costa Mesa, CA as an ESL teacher, helping Spanish-speaking citizens integrate into their communities more easily and providing them with more resources to help them thrive.

Yet another section of the book details the common-and some uncommon-issues non-native speakers may struggle with when trying to learn English. These pitfalls can range from problems with an underdeveloped education system to phonetic issues caused by cultural differences. For example, a Spanish speaker will have an easier time learning English than a Chinese speaker, as their alphabet is completely different.

Robert McDougal hopes the book will help answer common questions and questions you didn’t even know you had about ESL and is working hard to ensure its release as soon as possible.