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Robert Teweleit | By donating a part of his time for good causes, Houston Robert Teweleit helped a lot of organizations including the Houston Food Bank, the Knights of Columbus, and Habitat for Humanity. A member of the Texas Municipal Police Association of the Year and receiver of a Governor of Texas issued a medal of valor, Robert Teweleit is also involved with the Catholic Church.

Robert Teweleit’s officer of the year award and a medal of valor are only two of the Houston native’s most accolades following his 3-decade career on the city’s police force. Teweleit has also been granted a series of life-saving awards, one of which came after the officer employed his first aid training to save a life by administering Cardiopulmonary resuscitation following a serious auto accident.

Another of Teweleit’s accolades comes with an Honorable Mention of the 100 Club of Houston for delivering a baby in the rear of a patrol car. I do what I would expect any other citizen or member of the community could do under the exact circumstances, indicates Teweleit. Throughout my time on the town of Houston’s police force. During my charitable and volunteer work, I have witnessed the fantastic efforts of my buddies. Even co-workers, fellow volunteers, and others from the local area over the years.”.

Of his work with Habitat for Humanity, Teweleit clarifies that he and volunteers. To further help in repairing and construction homes for police officers and disabled veterans.


“I just do what I’d hope any other upstanding citizen. Or a member of the community might do under the same circumstances,”


Habitat for Humanity is a nongovernmental, non-profit organization and self-described Christian Housing Ministry. The mission statement of Habitat for Humanity centers around placing God’s love into action states Robert Teweleit. As well as bring people together to create homes, communities, and hope.”.

He carries on, Habitat for Humanity can Work at the corner from you. In your city or town, but they work right across the U.S. And globally. Habitat for Humanity volunteers undertaking work abroad does so in over 40 nations now.”. At the U.S., Habitat for mankind builds in all 50 states, and also Columbia County and Puerto Rico.

In Canada, they build in all ten provinces and all Canada’s 3 territories, according to Teweleit. Habitat for Humanity also builds in over 15 nations in Latin America and the Caribbean. Nations here comprise Brazil, Jamaica, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Argentina, and much more. Among the organization’s work in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Teweleit reveals that Habitat for Humanity builds in over 25 nations in the region.

Nations here comprise the UK, Ireland, Germany, Poland, South Africa, Egypt, and several others, he adds. In Asia and the Pacific, Habitat for Humanity now builds in around 15 nations including India. The Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Hong Kong, and China, among others. To discover more about Habitat for Humanity, please visit