Robert W. Burrage and RWB Construction Management Respond to Hurricane Dorian

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Robert Burrage Robert W Burrage and RWB Construction Management Respond to Hurricane Dorian Robert Burrage Robert W Burrage and RWB Construction Management Respond to Hurricane Dorian

It’s times like this when we find out exactly what we’re capable of under strict time limits and tense circumstances. A week ago, we were looking at a projected Category 4 hurricane, possibly making landfall right on our doorstep. For several of our clients, who have oceanfront property, that is a literal statement.

One of the craziest decisions to make is when to “pull the trigger” for high impact preparation. You don’t want to jump the gun because these storms are very difficult to predict more than 48 hours out. So, depending on how much you need to do, you need to back into your time frame with precision and nerves of steel. This requires experience, quick thinking and a team whose tireless dedication is nothing short of remarkable. Fortunately, for RWB clientele, Robert W. Burrage is that guy, with that team.

Within a few days, the RWB properties were secured and client’s concerns were addressed. The team didn’t stop there, however. Under Robert W. Burrage’s direction, the RWB office and homes of all the team members were buttoned up and gas tanks were filled. When the work was finally completed, the team dispersed to await the storm…and wait, we did, seemingly forever.

Now, as we are out of danger, we watch Dorian skirting up the coast of northern Florida and beyond. This time south Florida escaped, unscathed, except for some serious beach erosion. Once you get the “all clear”, the workload doubles as you get properties back to normal and get back up to speed on your current projects.

Every storm gives us more knowledge and the opportunity to fine-tune our storm protocol. We know how fortunate we are to be at this point in our post-storm operations. For our Bahamian neighbors, we have already linked with a group who will be taking provisions to help in this time of extraordinary need. It’s mind-boggling to think what they have endured and how close we were to that horror.

So that’s the true lesson to take from this. These storms do what they do, and current technology can predict only so much. We are hugely thankful for the outcome for south Florida, and that our RWB clientele are safe and know they can depend on and trust the ability and judgment of Robert W. Burrage and the RWB Team now and in the future.