Robert W. Burrage Supports Foster Families in Palm Beach County

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Robert Burrage Foster Families in Palm Beach County Robert Burrage Foster Families in Palm Beach County

Growing up isn’t always easy, especially without a stable homelife. As children in foster care wait to return to their families or be placed in a permanent home, they must continuously adapt to new caregivers, rules, and neighborhoods. While instability is challenging for children, it can also be challenging for foster parents who must provide specialized, situational care.

To help make a difference to foster families in West Palm Beach, Florida, Robert Burrage is committed to volunteering his time and resources. In May of 2017, Robert Burrage contacted Place of Hope to donate a play set to a foster family in need. He was introduced to Silvia, a single foster mom who was caring for two young boys at the time.

In addition to the playset, Robert Burrage and his RWB Team spent two full days working to makeover Silvia’s backyard. She was gifted with new sod, lighting, outdoor furniture, hammocks, and lawn maintenance equipment. The boys were ecstatic with the new playset and shiny new power wheel car. They were so excited with the magical transformation, they referred to their backyard as “the park”.

The generosity of Robert Burrage doesn’t end there. In fact, over the past two years, Robert Burrage continued to invest his resources and time into each foster child in Silvia’s care. To help instill a feeling of childhood wonder, the children were happily surprised with ice cream trucks at birthday parties and Christmas light shows. Robert also attended a “Dads take your child to school day” with one of the boys. In addition, Robert Burrage and his fiancé helped with cleaning the house and car while Silvia recovered from surgery on her foot.

“His intentionality for the foster children in our community is unmatched, and it hasn’t been limited to just us: countless foster families in Palm Beach County have been blessed by his generosity and loving ways,” said Silvia.

Over the past few Christmases, Robert Burrage has ushered several foster families into the spirit of the season with his support and resources, ensuring that these loving, deserving foster parents and amazing children are able to enjoy the holiday without financial concerns.

Due to his background, Robert Burrage is forever inspired to add more to the lives of those around him. His philanthropic endeavors reflect his inherent generosity and concern for others. Robert Burrage looks forward to exciting new projects at RWB, and the creative ways he will be able to use his success to impact others positively.

About Robert W. Burrage

Robert W. Burrage served in the United States Marine Corps for four years before graduating from Everglades University with a bachelor’s degree in Construction Management. He gained 13 years of experience in the industry to develop managerial leadership, then went on to create RWB Construction Management. As the owner, Robert W. Burrage has a hands-on management style. He continues to evolve the company while keeping it at the forefront of the Luxury Estate Homes Concierge Builder Industry.