Robin Hood Camp Has Served as America’s Premier Summer Camp Program for Nearly a Century

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Robin Hood Camp Robin Hood Camp

Run by Rick Littlefield and world-class instructors, Robin Hood Camp offers an unparalleled experience in Maine to grade school children during summers. The outstanding offerings, the vital mission of the camp, and its advantageous proximity to forests, lakes, and the ocean has allowed it to stand out as one of the greatest summer programs in the entire world. 


At Robin Hood Camp, campers ages six to sixteen find a truly unique experience in the activities and learning programs offered each summer by Rick Littlefield and his staff. The camp has been in operation for more than 90 years, overseen and owned only in its history by Littlefield and his father. Over the years, the camp continues improving its offerings for campers and consistently expands the level and selection of activities available on property. 


Robin Hood’s summer program quickly developed a reputation for being one of the finest children’s camps anywhere, and it’s recognition and respect have only grown with time. The program is often described by parents as a safe, nurturing, stimulating, and challenging environment offering the best activities and courses anywhere. The Littlefields are dedicated to maintaining the camp’s esteemed reputation by keeping up the quality of its programs, including bringing in an internationally diverse group of kids each year and ensuring a low camper to staff ratio. 


“Parents and children who decide on the idea of summer camp are hard-pressed to find a fun

and a trustworthy program that is as well-suited for seasoned campers as it is for those leaving home for the first time,” says Rick Littlefield. “It’s a major commitment, which is why we are dedicated at Robin Hood Camp to providing enriching community experiences and engaging activities that leave lasting memories well beyond the summer.”


One of the major appeals to Robin Hood Camp is that its program prompts growth and development from their campers on all levels. The Littlefields have given all campers the option to build their own program, which nurtures independence, self-knowledge, and other life-world choices. Campers have the option to craft their own schedules both weekly—for the morning activities—and daily—for the afternoon activities. This enables campers to also choose the level of competition and intensity when pursuing activities each summer.


“We are a lifetime sports camp that accents individual skill building and fundamentals, and we

are committed to acquiring top of the line equipment for all our activities to learn these skills,”

says Rick Littlefield. “We also participate in inter-camp competitions and offer advanced

champion level instruction for the more competitive and determined players, so children at any

level can get involved.”


Robin Hood Camp provides more than 30 sports and activity options during the days, which are overseen by a supportive group of leaders and attended by campers from more than 40 countries. These components and the level of professionalism established at the camp help set Robin Hood apart from all summer programs across the globe.