Robin Hood Camp Offers World Class Instruction & Academies to All Campers

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Robin Hood Camp Robin Hood Camp

For nearly a hundred years, Maine has been home to Robin Hood Camp, which is internationally recognized for its superb summer programs and its diverse attendees from 40 countries. Through the guidance of gifted and inspired leaders, the camp offers campers world-class instruction, academies, and range of program that can not be found in any other camp in the world. 


Robin Hood Camp has set the bar for summer camps for decades by offering one of the most unique summer programs led by highly talented professional coaches not generally found in traditional summer camps. In addition, the camp is situated in the beautiful landscape of Maine within proximity to both freshwater bodies and the ocean. This is an exclusive recreational opportunity as no other camps in America are located as closely to both lakes and ocean as Robin Hood. 


Here, children ages 7-16 are welcome to participate in dozens of exciting activities that are led by world-class instructors throughout the summer. 


“You’d be hard-pressed to find another summer camp in the entire world that can boast such exclusive offerings and activities as Robin Hood Camp,” says Rick Littlefield, who has served as the owner of the camp since 1985. “We strive to deliver the best summer program that we can achieve and employ professionals from many countries to lead our activities and train our campers.” 


At Robin Hood Camp, attendees will encounter activities usually reserved for specialty camps and academies. For example, campers will have the option to take wakeboarding lessons from 6-time Wakeboard World Champion Dean Lavelle and play football/soccer under the tutelage of Jr. Olympic and collegiate coach Bruce Groshong. Harvard Squash Coach Hameed Ahmed directs the camp’s 2-week Squash Academy, who has trained more than 30 collegiate All American players and led multiple National Championship teams. World Class Muy Thai kickboxing champion Nghia Tran from Vietnam, currently living in Australia, has trained up to 100 campers a day for 19 years.  


A Jr. World Champion Wakesurfer from Brazil runs Robin Hood Camp’s Wakesurf Academy while the Golf Academy & Program is directed by PGA pro Dave Deheras, the coach of UC Santa Barbara. In addition, the exciting Survival Program on property is led by a highly trained military staffer.  


Professional Fishing Guide & Outdoorsman Dan Ryan, teaches fly fishing and spin cast fishing with campers on nearby ponds and rivers.Dan Ryan is also an expert Master Canoeist and Survival Trainer who sheds professional insight on these activities during the summer. The camp offers a Tennis Academy and dynamic program that is directed by USTA professional Arpan Trivedi and four USTA world class pros from India. World-class Sailing Race instructors coach on both the nearby lake & ocean, while archery lessons are instructed by a member of Mexico’s National Team. 


“At Robin Hood Camp, we also bring in professional musicians, professional circus performers, professional chess coaches, expert equestrian trainers, professional photographers and videographers and many more so that each child in attendance truly has the summer of their dreams while staying with us,” says Rick Littlefield.