Robotics and Farming: How Jeff Hawks Is Protecting The USA With Farming Advancements

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Jeff Hawks: Changing The Game In The Farm Safety Arena

It’s an uncertain time in the United States, and food security is more important than ever. Robotics pioneer Jeff Hawks is doing his part to make sure that the USA stays ahead of consumer needs when it comes to agriculture and food security.

Jeff Hawks grew up on a farm in Nebraska, and he understands how important it is for farms to stay on top of the latest tech advancements. With the onset of shortages in food and other products nationwide, it’s a more important time than ever to make farming as efficient as possible. This includes keeping farmers and farm workers safe.

One major issue on most farms when it comes to safety is grain bins. Growing up, Jeff Hawks saw firsthand the damages that grain bins can cause. Grain bins are known for causing serious injury and even death to farmers, and Jeff Hawks decided to create the change necessary to protect farm workers.

When grain bins are being used, an auger sweeps the bottom of the bin. From time to time, the auger gets caught, and a farmer needs to go in and release the arm. While federal safety regulations require that farmers turn off the equipment before entering the bin, many farmers forgo this advice. This can result in an unnecessary loss of life.
The loss of farmers leads to a loss of food security, which is especially dangerous in the United States today. Jeff Hawks decided to create a solution to the grain bin problem – and he did so by using a robot.

The robot had to be small enough to be able to fit in the bottom of the grain bin, and light enough to be lifted by one or two farmers. It also needed to be able to adjust to low levels of light. Jeff considered the factors necessary to solve the problem and got the job done.

Getting farmers to change their ways isn’t always easy, but Jeff Hawks’s experience on a farm means that he knows how to improve farms in a way that makes sense. Jeff Hawks is passionate about using technology to improve the efficiency and safety of agriculture.

While Jeff Hawks is passionate about working to improve farming in the U.S. due to his upbringing, he also works to bring advancements in robotics to other industries. Jeff Hawks is a leader in military and medical robotics. He’s applied the knowledge he’s gained from troubleshooting farming robotics to help advance other industries.