Rocio Moustafa highlights areas of specialty as a behavioral expert

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Rocio Moustafa behavioral expert Rocio Moustafa behavioral expert

Professional behavior expert Rocio Moustafa shares an insight into her key areas of specialization, including bipolar and narcissistic personality disorders.

From bipolar disorder to blood and injury phobias, professional behavior expert Rocio Moustafa, today based in Los Angeles, California, and who has previously practiced in the attractive, nearby city of Ventura, offers an insight into her successful, decades-long career specializing in conditions tied to mood, cognition, and perception.

“My main areas of focus include narcissistic personality disorder, gambling addiction and its consequences, passive-dependent personality disorder, blood and injury phobias—particularly among those employed in the medical field—plus bipolar disorder and its treatment, and antisocial personality disorder,” reveals Moustafa.

Narcissistic personality disorder, she says, is a disorder characterized by an excessive need for admiration, exaggerated feelings of self-importance, and a lack of empathy for others. “Chief among narcissistic personality disorder symptoms are various issues surrounding a lack of self-control,” adds Moustafa.

“This, somewhat,” she continues, “ties in with gambling addiction and its consequences, with the affliction capable of ruining friendships and tearing whole families apart.”

Gambling addiction, now more than ever, is becoming increasingly prevalent in large parts of the United States, according to the expert.

Of passive-dependent personality disorder and blood and injury phobias among those employed in the medical field, she continues, “Passive-dependent personality disorder causes pessimism, a lack of self-confidence, oversensitivity to criticism, and a tendency to be unduly naive or to routinely fantasize about various aspects of day-to-day life,” says Moustafa. “Blood and injury phobias, meanwhile,” she goes on, “particularly among those employed in the medical field, represent an extreme fear responsible for causing severe physical reactions uncommon in many other phobias.”

Moustafa also explains how bipolar and antisocial personality disorders affect patients. “Bipolar can present as a frequent loss of touch with reality, and a complete loss of interest in day-to-day tasks and activities,” the Los Angeles-based expert reveals, “while antisocial personality disorder often sees those affected embracing in risky and impulsive behavior, lying, and law-breaking.”

“Behavior therapy and psychotherapy are,” she adds, wrapping up, “among the most commonly recommended forms of treatment for many such disorders as well as phobias and addiction problems, provided by either a clinical psychologist or psychiatrist, or a combination of both.”

Rocio Moustafa, from Los Angeles, California, is a behavioral expert specializing in antisocial personality disorder, narcissistic personality disorder, bipolar disorder, and passive-dependent personality disorder. She also specializes in sleep conditions, gambling addiction and its consequences, extreme or debilitating fears and phobias—including hemophobia and traumatophobia—and further health and wellness complaints tied to cognition, perception, and mood.