Rock Canyon Hardwood LLC: Summer is a Fantastic Time to Install Hardwood Flooring

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Rock Canyon Hardwood LLC Summer is a Fantastic Time to Install Hardwood Flooring Rock Canyon Hardwood LLC Summer is a Fantastic Time to Install Hardwood Flooring

Rock Canyon Hardwood LLC is a premier flooring company with over 27 years of experience and the company is expanding due to their commitment to offering customers the highest quality installation and refinishing techniques.

Rock Canyon Hardwood knows that any time of year is perfect to install new flooring, but many clients prefer summer for a few good reasons.


Rock Canyon Hardwood’sTop 3 Reasons to Install Flooring in the Summer


#1 Vacation Time

If your project is an entire house or a large portion of your home, installing floors can be a little inconvenient at times.


While you will not be permitted to walk on newly installed flooring for a recommended amount of time, many clients prefer to take their vacations around these installations.


What better time to take a family trip than the summer months when the kids are out of school.


#2 Water & Humidity

Hardwood, engineered wood, and laminate flooring are hydrophilic materials. This means that the wood will react to the humidity in the air. In the summer months, the humidity is much higher, so the wood will naturally expand. In the colder, drier months, the boards contract and show small gaps.


This is natural, but many clients prefer to have wood flooring installed in the summer months to ensure the closest abutments as possible as the wood is already expanded to its capacity.


#3 Enjoy the Weather

If you will be home during the installation of your new floors, the summer months offer much more flexibility in enjoying the great outdoors.


Eating al fresco, sitting by the pool or on the deck are fantastic options while your floor is setting.


It’s much easier to soak in the sun rays or sit under the stars in the summer than to withstand the snowy gusts of wind in the winter. If you are getting flooring installed this summer, take advantage of the weather and enjoy the outside environment.


Rock Canyon Hardwood LLC is a professional quality installation company. Craftsmanship and integrity are what their company was founded on. Rock Canyon Hardwood does not use subcontractors!


They take great pride in having in-house employees, which enables them to train and certify all of their staff properly. 


Rock Canyon Harwood’s primary services include hardwood installation, sanding, and finishing, refurbishing, staining with custom stain colors, staircases, luxury vinyl plank(LVP), laminate, tile, engineered wood, and prefinished hardwood.