Rodin Younessi Pilots Specialty Racing Vehicles in Various Renowned Competitions

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Rodin Younessi Specialty Racing Vehicles Rodin Younessi Specialty Racing Vehicles

Experienced racer Rodin Younessicompetes internationally both in solo positions and as part of a multinational high-endurance team. In addition to traditional cars, he’s made a career driving specialty racing vehicles during some of the most elite competitions to date.

In his racing career, Rodin Younessi has earned many top privileges and raced in some of the world’s most celebrated and anticipated competitions. He’s a versatile driver with plenty of personal and professional experience, making him a worthy opponent in races such as the Le Mans 24-hour race and the Blancpain Endurance series.

He’s gone on to compete against top international drivers in competitions like 2011’s U.S.
F2000 National Championship for Pabst Racing Services and the JDC Motorsports National Class series. In these races, Rodin Younessi made seven starts and finished in 4th place of the season as well as finished in the National Class at 12th during the Road America race. In addition, Rodin Younessi competed in a pair of F2000 Championship Series races at the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course.

While he began his career in motorsports driving motorcycles and traditional sports cars, Rodin Younessi has competed in some of the most advanced and fastest prototype vehicles around. Because of this, he’s developed a reputation for outstanding performance and the ability to confidently pilot a range of specialty racing vehicles.

For the 90th anniversary of the Le Mans competition, Rodin Younessi raced in one of the seven ORECA 03 models entered into the competition. Not only a popular choice for the Le Mans competition, the unique ORECA model is also a preferred vehicle for most top-level endurance races because of its high performance and durability. However, it takes a specialized pilot to handle.

“Rodin is well suited for the [ORECA] and proved it recently running over 250 miles at PBIR, getting up to speed quickly,” said crew chief Frank Parzych before the Le Mans. “This is a new experience for Rodin, running endurance races with a teammate and having to compromise a bit of set up for both drivers, but we believe Rodin is up for the task.”

Rodin Younessi has also raced Formula One vehicles in prestigious international competitions. Formula One cars must abide by specific formula rules, and all teams must construct their own vehicles specifically for the race (though the design and manufacturing can be outsourced). The vehicle is a single-seat, open cockpit, and open-wheel car that features large front and rear wings as well as an engine that is positioned behind the driver.

This unique style of vehicle (and its manufacturing regulations) are specifically designed for Formula One racing events, which are some of the most followed and esteemed competitions anywhere. As a result, they require skillful handling and intense talent from their drivers.

Rodin Younessi’s passion for motorsports and his unique experience has led him to create his own racing team (Younessi Racing) to compete in some of the world’s most extravagant and specialized races. Continuing his passion for motorsports beyond racing, Rodin Younessi is also the proud owner of seven Harley-Davidson dealerships in addition to a Lamborghini dealership in South Florida.