Rosemary Barclay Explains the Secret to a Hair Stylist’s Success

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Rosemary Barclay Secret to a Hair Stylist’s Success Rosemary Barclay Secret to a Hair Stylist’s Success

Industry leader, Rosemary Barclay reveals the best way to become a hair stylist sensation.

Hair stylists are entrepreneurs. There are many that do not think of themselves that way. Yet, the secret of hair styling success is inlaid within that fact. Hair stylists might work in a salon, but their chair is more a rented spot than inclusion in a business.

Therefore, to be successful at becoming a hair stylist, Rosemary Barclay explains the logic behind this way of thinking. Hairstylists have their own clients and their own contacts. While some salons help fill a new stylist’s schedule, their repeat customers are loyal to that stylist. Here are a few of the best ways to approach a hairstyling position as an entrepreneur instead of an employee.

Make Connections

It truly is all about who a hairstylist knows. The life of a hairstylist with an entrepreneurial mindset is unstoppable. This hairstylist is not stuck in the same salon forever. Knowing that they are in control of their own destiny helps free them from a life of monotony. Realistically, a hairstylist who can garner connections and network can get a job anywhere in the world. By promoting themselves the right way, they can rent a chair wherever they wish to go. This is because they are in control. Their talent is not confined to one salon. It follows them wherever they go. Therefore, making connections is a great way to ensure job security, wherever the hairstylist may roam.

Remember Details About Each Client

Rosemary Barclay says “For many clients, going to get their hair done is a fun, relaxing and positive experience. When their hairstylist remembers details about the client’s life, this makes their visit extra-special”. Thus, it is important to talk to each client. Make them feel welcome and special. That time a hair stylist spends with their client should be all about them. After the hair appointment, write down notes about the conversations so that the stylist can ask personalized questions next time.

Additionally, writing a thank you note to the person after their first hairstyling helps hairstylists stand out. This note can be simple, but it should reaffirm how much the hairstylist appreciates the opportunity to work with them. This note can also remind them to set up another appointment soon.

Make Sure the Customer is Happy

Businesses have a collective motto: The customer is always right. This is something that each hairstylist must also abide by. As an entrepreneur, the skills of a hairstylist are personalized. A negative experience may not come back on the hair salon as hard as it will come back to the stylist. Therefore, by doing everything possible to make the customer happy, a hairstylist is working hard to preserve their personal reputation. Thus, wherever that stylist goes, they will have a record of happy customers.

In summation, being a hairstylist is one of the most interesting occupations. This is because of the connection a hairstylist makes with each of their clients. Rosemary Barclay wants aspiring hairstylists to understand the unique opportunity this occupation grants. By achieving the mindset of an entrepreneur, hairstylists will cut, curl and color their way to success.