RWB Construction Management, Inc.: The Culture, the Family, the Team

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Robert Burrage RWB Construction Management Inc The Culture the Family the Team Robert Burrage RWB Construction Management Inc The Culture the Family the Team
If you’re looking for a typical example of a business environment, RWB is not it. I don’t know if you’ll find a harder working crew anywhere, but depending on the “snapshot” you experience at the office, you could walk into anything from a very serious planning session with key players positioned around an enormous set of blueprints to a weekly team meeting with Robert W. Burrage bringing everyone to a roar of laughter with one of his quick-witted comments or brief exchange with one of the guys.

This is not an environment for the timid or meek. The days are long and challenging, whether you’re in the office or in the field. It is a gloriously fertile environment for those who want to prove to themselves that they can learn, evolve and excel beyond that which they’ve previously known. Robert W. Burrage openly encourages all members of the team to grow to whatever level they desire and as any head of the family knows, honesty is crucial for proper guidance and improvement. Micromanaging is not Robert’s style. He believes in you before you believe in yourself. Respect is shown to all; a job well-done is acknowledged in front of the entire team and the perfect fusion of knowledge, tenacity, ingenuity, and humor blend this magical mixture of personalities into a truly great RWB Team.

“I have had some incredible mentors over the years from the Marine Corps. to the 12 years as a Project Manager/Vice President before RWB Construction existed. I have personally learned what does and does not work. I’ve seen and experienced it firsthand. I have created a style of leadership that many businesses are lacking. If our employees are not striving for the next level, we are failing. We love what we do, and every member of the team is of great value to the group, regardless of position on the roster. We are building from within our team to ensure that as individuals we’re pushing for the next level and as a collective, our accomplishments continuously exceed our expectations.”
-Robert W. Burrage, Owner/Founder RWB Construction Management, Inc.