Sam Cover Puts Forward Favorite Thanksgiving Recipes as Award-Winning Chef

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Veteran restaurateur and celebrated chef Sam Cover highlights his favorite Thanksgiving recipes in time for this year’s holiday.


A celebrated chef and veteran restaurateur, multi-award-winning Sam Cover has worked in some of the country’s top hotels and dining establishments in addition to opening and running a number of his own highly successful restaurant businesses. Set to launch his latest venture in Spokane, Washington, early next year, Cover reveals a number of his favorite Thanksgiving dishes in time for this year’s holiday on Thursday, November 28.


“While I’m known for embracing the latest food trends, and for my commitment to locally sourced ingredients and the ever-growing farm-to-table movement, Thanksgiving, I believe, is a time for traditional food and drink,” reveals Cover, a Pacific Northwest native, born and raised in Washington’s Spokane Valley. 


Sam Cover has spoken at length about his passion for hyper-local food and its benefits, as well as his love of the authentic flavors of the Pacific Northwest. When it comes to Thanksgiving, however, the award-winning chef and restaurateur is one for tradition. “Brussels sprouts in butter, roast turkey, rich gravy – Thanksgiving is all about tradition and a taste of home,” he suggests. “That’s not to say there isn’t room for a little creativity, though,” adds the chef, “and I do enjoy experimenting with additional flavors.”


Cover points toward his popular cranberry sauce recipe as one example. Spiced with cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves, the chef’s unique cranberry sauce is, he says, a perfect Thanksgiving accompaniment and a welcome twist on more typical offerings. “My Thanksgiving green bean casserole always goes down well, too,” explains Cover of his vegetarian-friendly dish spiced with herbs and rich with sour cream and a variety of cheeses.


Other Thanksgiving dishes and sides favored by the chef include a tomato-based turkey soup, roasted butternut squash, spiced pumpkin seeds, candied yams, and celery stuffing, plus a more unusual winter fruit salad with poppyseed and lemon dressing.


For dessert, and perhaps unsurprisingly, Cover’s approach remains wholly traditional. “From bread pudding and pumpkin pie to cookies, cheesecake, and other family favorites,” he adds, wrapping up, “there’s no better Thanksgiving dessert than the time-honored traditional options we’ve all grown up with and which we’ve all invariably come to know and love.”


Award-winning chef Sam Cover’s all-new restaurant is set to open in Spokane, Washington, in early 2020.