Sam Cover Reveals Proposal For All-New Restaurant

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Celebrated chef and Pacific Northwest native Sam Cover is set to bring a new style of luxury dining to Spokane Valley with his latest restaurant venture.

 Having worked across the United States during more than 20 years as an award-winning chef in some of the country’s top hotels and restaurants, home is, as they say, where the heart is, and, for Sam Cover, that’s Washington’s Spokane Valley. Returning to his roots to launch his latest venture, the Pacific Northwest native is set to deliver an entirely new flavor of luxury dining to his home city of Spokane, in easternmost Washington state, opening in 2020.

“I’m hoping to bring a new flavor of luxury dining to Spokane,” Sam Cover explains, “while also maintaining a true taste of the Pacific Northwest, as well as a familiar taste of home and family, but in an upscale and luxurious-feeling setting.”

Inspired by popular restaurants found in Portland, Oregon, and Seattle, Cover wants to combine different aspects of Pacific Northwest cooking and dining, and deliver them perfectly to diners in his home city. “As a region, we’re famed, in the Pacific Northwest, for our fresh fish and seafood,” explains the chef, “as well as the growing farm-to-table movement, both of which will be central to operations at the new restaurant, as will dedicated vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free menus.”

“As a chef,” he continues, “I love to source everything as locally as I possibly can, and, with a luxurious twist on both local and regional dishes, as well as some from a little further afield, I hope to merge both traditional and more contemporary fine dining.”

This, Sam Cover believes, is what will give his latest venture a genuine, personal, and truly heartfelt edge within Spokane’s increasingly competitive restaurant market. “It’s about what I like to call ‘upscale comfort,'” he goes on to explain. “The restaurant will represent the ideal place to enjoy a mix of indulgent but thoroughly local ingredients and beautiful, elegant plating that embody the upscale comfort ethos I love so much,” adds the Spokane Valley native and award-winning chef.

Proposing a professionally executed taste of home, Cover promises that each and every dish will be cooked to perfection. “It’ll be the perfect mix,” he adds, wrapping up, “of hearty, local and regional cuisine and fine dining, delivered in line with the farm-to-table spirit which we should all be embracing in order to support not just our local businesses, farmers, growers, and other suppliers, but the environment, too.”

Award-winning chef Sam Cover‘s new restaurant is set to open in Spokane, Washington, in early 2020.