Sam Lehrer of Miami Believes Now’s the Time to Invest in NYC Real Estate

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Sam Lehrer of Miami Sam Lehrer of Miami

Having contributed to and overseen real estate projects across the country, Sam Lehrer of Miami has become an authoritative voice on investment properties. He believes now is an especially lucrative time to invest in properties in and around the New York City area. 


Keeping up with advances in construction, Sam Lehrer of Miami has served as an instrumental component in a range of real estate projects up and down the East Coast. In addition, he’s worked on building projects in Mexico where he’s a supporter of non-profit organizations specializing in education for special needs kids. Lehrer’s family worked in real estate for decades, and he’s been involved in dozens of restoration and renovation projects since childhood.


“The market is ideal for flippers right now, and the cost to turn around a finished project has lessened as popularity has increased over the years,” says Sam Lehrer of Miami. “Instead of staying put in a home until it’s an empty nest or the owners retire, people are flexing their options and choosing to spend only a few years at a time in one house.” 


This leaves plenty of homes vacant and in need of restoration to be ready for the market again. Sam Lehrer of Miami has noticed spiking trends in housing flips in locations like Texas and North Carolina, but he believes now is an especially lucrative time to invest in NYC real estate. 


“New York City is known for its skyscrapers and fancy brownstones, but there are millions of transient people looking for an affordable place to live for a few years,” says Sam Lehrer of Miami. “And there are plenty of homes, condos, and apartments in the Greater NYC area that will make for a worthy investment for flippers or renters.”


Manhattan and the surrounding boroughs (Queens, Brooklyn, etc.) serve as a major international hub for people in flux who need to rent or purchase properties for work in the city. The area, in addition to the western tip of Long Island, provide a lot of opportunities for renovation and resale of single-family homes in addition to plenty of units in high-rises. 


There are over 10 million citizens living in New York City with millions of visitors each year. It’s ultimately a revolving door of renters, home buyers, and visitors seeking quality housing in one of the most populated cities in the world. The area boasts housing units of all size, but single-family homes are especially prevalent in the outskirts of the boroughs. These tend to be much more affordable flips than projects on or immediately adjacent to Manhattan, too. 


“No matter your budget or level of interest, the NYC housing market is ripe with opportunities for both first-time home buyers and first-time flippers,” says Sam Lehrer. “Potential fluctuations in the future market means that investors should invest now, striking while the iron is hot.”