Sam Lehrer of Miami Encourages Developers to Look to Purchase Land Around Puerto Cancún, Mexico

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Sam Lehrer Sam Lehrer of Miami Encourages Developers to Look to Purchase Land Around Puerto Cancún Mexico Sam Lehrer Sam Lehrer of Miami Encourages Developers to Look to Purchase Land Around Puerto Cancún Mexico

A real estate professional who grew up in a family of developers, Sam Lehrer of Miami has become an authoritative voice on real estate projects across the country and beyond. As counsel to his peers, Lehrer encourages developers interested in foreign real estate projects to look to Cancun, Mexico because of its strong economy and availability of land for purchase.

For decades, Sam Lehrer of Miami has been an integral part of development projects in America and abroad, specifically in Mexico where he supports educational facilities and outreach programs. He and his family are longtime supporters of The Little Yellow School House on Isla Mujeres in Mexico and the Island Time Music Festival and Fishing Tournament that raises funds for the facility each year.

Having spent much of his time in Mexico for years, he’s developed a deep interest in the local real estate and the potential for new developments. He’s noticed the growing interest in land around tourist ports like Cancún and has paid close attention to new residential and commercial developments. Today, he believes Cancún offers some undeniable benefits for real estate developers and can serve as a lucrative market for current buyers.

“Isla Blanca and Puerto Cancún have proven to be major international tourism hot spots, and a lot of developers have already cashed in on residential developments, commercial buildings and multi-family properties there,” says Samuel. “Both areas showcase the beautiful landscape and waters that Mexico has to offer plus plenty of exciting nightlife and dining.”

Today, Puerto Cancún is a marina with lots of traffic year-round, but Samuel Lehrer of Miami suggests also looking to the upcoming land development in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo, north of the city of Cancún. In these areas, professionals have already worked on a number of impressive developments and plan on incorporating more golf courses, luxury hotels, condominiums, shopping malls, timeshares and new retail spaces in the future.

“Cancún and nearby cities are growing fast thanks to the money and culture coming in from tourism,” says Samuel Lehrer of Miami. “As Puerto Cancún expands and draws in more funds, the Northern quadrant of Cancun and Punta Sam are quickly turning into promising areas for development, too.”

Puerto Cancún is a teeming port city that draws in hundreds of thousands of tourists and new residents to the area each year. The area north of Cancun has plenty of open land for purchase and development, and it’s a very attractive sell with the port city so close in proximity.

“Puerto Cancún was meant to be a haven for tourists, locals, and Mexicans who vacation from

Northern Mexico,” says Samuel Lehrer of Miami. “But this is just as an attractive sell to home buyers looking to settle down in a beautiful landscape with quick access to exciting tourist attractions and city life. The possibilities for developers is endless, and the local economy continues to strengthen each year.”