Samuel Brozina Offers Four Tips for Aspiring War Reenactment Participants

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Samuel Brozina Samuel Brozina

Former war reenactor Samuel Brozina, from Millville, New Jersey, shares a number of tips for those interested in joining the hobby.

War reenactment, a facet of more general historical reenactment, is an effort to recreate the appearance of particular battles or other similar events from the past by hobbyists known as war reenactors, or living historians. Samuel Brozina, from Millville, New Jersey, and whose background is in Revolutionary War reenactment, offers four tips for those aspiring to join the hobby.

“First, you should be in good health,” says Samuel Brozina, who, for many years, spent considerable time volunteering as a Revolutionary War reenactor, “and be able to perform a range of physical activities called for when partaking in war reenactments.”

Some roles, he goes on to explain, are not as demanding as others. “Participants should, however,” adds the expert, “be able to survive for hours or even days without the usual comforts of modern life which we now take for granted.”

“Next, find a local group to join,” suggests Samuel Brozina, a qualified pilot and local landscaping service foreman born and raised in Millville, New Jersey. Reenactors, he explains, often form or join groups of men and women interested in the same historical time period. As with joining any other organization, Samuel says it’s important to look for a group of people whose company you’ll enjoy on an everyday basis. “Make sure that you choose a group which suits the experience you’re looking to achieve in your role as a reenactor,” adds the New Jersey native and former Revolutionary War reenactor and volunteer.

Third among Samuel Brozina’s tips is to become acquainted with the time period and the persona chosen, selected, or assigned by a group. “What did they eat, what did they wear, what beliefs did they hold dear, and how did they interact with others of differing social status?” asks Brozina. “It’s essential to have a good grasp of the historical facts,” he goes on to reveal, “and research is always advised, even if you’re already a history buff!”

Brozina’s fourth tip for aspiring war reenactment participants is both straightforward and extremely important, according to the expert. Asked for a closing piece of advice, the Millville, New Jersey-based expert turns simultaneously to enjoyment and education.

“Most of all,” he adds, wrapping up, “enjoy the time you spend as the living face of history to members of the public who want to learn more, and have plenty of fun in the process.”