Samuel Brozina: Where Passion Can Take You

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MILLVILLE, NJ, USA, April 23, 2020 / — When it comes to passion, it can take you up and over the skies. That is exactly what happened with Millville, NJ resident Samuel Brozina. A graduate of Millville Senior High School, Samuel Brozina has always been interested in learning more about aircraft, their physics, and what makes them so interesting. “I liken it to the idea of a mechanical bird in the sky<‘ Samuel Brozina says when mentioning his passion for planes. “Who would have known hundreds of years ago that we would have these humongous mechanical birds in the sky flying all over the place? It would have been like a science fiction book for the times.”After graduating, Samuel Brozina worked towards an Associates Degree in Criminal Justice while spending time as a school security officer as well as a special community officer.

Thanks to his initial interest in history, especially the World War II era, Samuel Brozina has always had a special fascination for airplanes. As a result of this fanatical interest, he ended up obtaining a pilot’s license. This achievement came with an additional perk, the ability to take up a job at the Atlantic City International Airport where he would have the opportunity to come one on one with a variety of different kinds of private and commercial aircraft.
“It was an incredible period because I was servicing many different kinds of aircraft and really getting to know the inner workings of them at a more intimate level,” Samuel Brozina mentions. “It was very formative because I got to learn a lot of things they just don’t teach you in the books.” Thanks to his position at the airport, he was also introduced to many celebrities who would fly their private planes to and from Atlantic City casinos.
“When you see what these people are flying on, it truly inspires you to work hard in order to achieve your own dreams.” Samuel Brozina adds.

And it seems that this hard work has finally paid off for Brozina as the Millville, NJ native has finally been able to purchase his own aircraft.
“It’s an Ercoupe Aircraft,” he says proudly. “Bought and funded by my very own hardworking dollars.”
A rare aircraft, it is not a very common airplane that enthusiasts will purchase but that is precisely the reason why Brozina purchased it.

“Drive-by any small airport, and you’re bound to see any number of Cessnas, Pipers, and Beechcrafts,” suggests Samuel Brozina. “But you probably won’t see any Ercoupes.”
While it may be true that the Ercoupe is not very common, it is definitely true that a passion for airplanes rarely leads to one actually owning their own airplane.”My eye has been on it for such a long time that I guess you could say this is what happens when passion meets action.” Samuel Brozina says. And this passionate aircraft enthusiast has his own plane and an eye towards travel in the future.