Samuel Brozina recaps love of aviation, traditional art, and Revolutionary War reenactment

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Samuel Brozina Samuel Brozina

Licensed pilot, former Revolutionary War reenactor, and traditional Ukrainian art aficionado Samuel Brozina offers a closer look at his passions.

From an insight into his hobby of dyeing Ukrainian Easter eggs to becoming the proud owner of an ERCO Ercoupe vintage aircraft, Samuel Brozina, NJ resident and Millville native, has spoken at length about his hobbies, interests, and other loves in recent months. Also touching on his background volunteering as a Revolutionary War reenactor, Brozina, from Millville, New Jersey, recaps his passion for aviation, traditional art, history, and more.

“Ukrainian Easter eggs, or pysanka, are eggs decorated with traditional Ukrainian folk designs,” revealed Samuel Brozina, Millville resident and licensed pilot, last year. He took up the art, he says, as a child and has continued ever since.

Also last year, Samuel Brozina shared news of landing himself a rare classic aircraft. “I’ve always been a fan of World War II warbirds,” revealed the pilot, “however, among civilian aircraft, the ERCO Ercoupe has always caught my fancy.”

Now the proud owner of his own Ercoupe, Brozina went on to share a brief history of ERCO, or the Engineering and Research Corporation, now founded precisely 90 years ago. “The company was started by Henry Berliner in 1930,” revealed Samuel. He was, he further went on to point out, a pioneer of modern aviation innovation and development, and was responsible for the experimental Berliner Helicopter, in addition to the classic low-wing monoplane aircraft, the Ercoupe.

Samuel Brozina has also shared, in detail, his background volunteering as a Revolutionary War reenactor. He would later go on to outline several key aspects of becoming a successful war reenactor, and offer tips for aspiring war reenactment participants.

He’s also volunteered a brief but interesting and insightful look back at the history of his home city of Millville, New Jersey. “In 1795, Captain Joseph Buck, a veteran of the Revolutionary War, began to draw up plans for Millville having recognized the area for its dense forests and position on the Maurice River,” Samuel Brozina, New Jersey-based pilot and history buff, said at the time.

Later, Samuel Brozina, NJ born and raised, provided a personal look at his home city. Millville recently received a $125,000 Neighborhood Preservation Program grant to strengthen the economic vitality of the city’s downtown district and Center City neighborhood. “It’s great to see Millville recognized,” said Brozina upon receipt of the news, wrapping up, “by the state’s Department of Community Affairs in this way.”

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