Samuel Brozina Shares His Background Volunteering as a Revolutionary War Reenactor

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Samuel Brozina Samuel Brozina

Licensed pilot Samuel Brozina offers a personal insight into his time spent as a volunteer Revolutionary War reenactor.


For a number of years, Samuel Brozina spent considerable time volunteering as a Revolutionary War reenactor. From being able to explain what it was like to have lived back in time, to learning all there is to know about a given role or persona, Brozina reveals what it takes to be a successful volunteer reenactor and why he loved the process so much.


“I found it a personally rewarding experience and would recommend the hobby to anyone interested in learning about history,” reveals Brozina, a licensed pilot from Millville, New Jersey. There are, he says, few better ways to learn than by spending hours in the shoes of someone who actually lived in the past.


According to Brozina, the hobby is attractive to persons of all ages, from children to seniors. “Anyone willing to imagine themselves transported back in time could be a volunteer Revolutionary War reenactor,” he suggests. 


Reenactors take their roles very seriously, and Sam, he says, was no exception. “The hobby can become somewhat expensive as uniforms and equipment are expected to be authentic,” explains Brozina, “both in appearance and appropriate to the character of a person who lived in a bygone era.” 


The physical requirements, however, are, according to the expert, rather more simple. “As long as a person is in good health and able to perform a level of physical activity, they should be able to find a role,” Brozina explains. “You could take the role of an actual historical individual,” he adds, “or a more general persona such as a nameless farmer who joined a militia or a private serving in the Continental Army or the Pennsylvania Line, for example.” 


Born and raised in Millville, New Jersey, Samuel Brozina, a licensed pilot, is the proud owner of a rare ERCO Ercoupe aircraft. The pilot is also passionate about traditional art, and, in particular, the process of dyeing Ukrainian Easter eggs. “It’s both a relaxing hobby,” Brozina suggests, “as well as drawing me closer to the roots of the Ukrainian side of my family.”


Brozina has previously spoken at length about his love of traditional Ukrainian Easter egg dyeing while showcasing his broad range of hobbies and interests, as well as looking back on the history of aerospace and defense manufacturer ERCO in light of landing his own ERCO Ercoupe airplane.


“I believe that maintaining a number of hobbies and interests is important,” he adds, wrapping up, “and look forward to possibly revisiting my love of war reenactment once again when time permits.”


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