Samuel Brozina Showcases Broad Range of Hobbies And Interests

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Samuel Brozina Broad Range of Hobbies And Interests Samuel Brozina Broad Range of Hobbies And Interests

Aviation enthusiast, choir singer, and hobby artist Samuel Brozina shares a personal insight into his interests.

From piloting his own vintage aircraft to singing in his church’s choir, landscaping service foreman Samuel Brozina’s wide range of hobbies and interests also includes the traditional art of Ukrainian Easter egg dying. A licensed pilot from Millville, New Jersey native Brozina offers a closer look at his passions.

“I’ve always been a huge fan of aviation,” reveals Brozina, pointing toward his love of flying. A particular fan of World War II warbirds, among civilian aircraft, however, his favorite plane, he says, has always been the ERCO Ercoupe. Subsequently, Brozina has gone on not only to become a licensed pilot, but also to become the proud owner of his own Ercoupe, one of only an estimated 1,000 in the United States still registered to fly.

Flying and aviation, however, is, perhaps, not quite Brozina’s most long-standing interest. “As a young child, I was introduced to the traditional art of Ukrainian Easter egg dying,” explains the New Jersey landscaping service foreman.

In the years since, Brozina has maintained a passion for the art form, something which he says brings him closer to the roots of the Ukrainian side of his family. “It’s also been a wonderful process for learning patience and developing a steady hand,” he explains.

Typically completed using a wax-resist method, Ukrainian Easter egg dying remains a love of both Samuel and his family alike. “Myself and my father, in particular, continue to thoroughly enjoy the process and both complete a number of eggs each year,” adds the licensed pilot and hobby artist.

Historically, Ukrainian dyed Easter eggs and other traditional items have been included in Easter baskets each year which are then delivered to a local church to be blessed. “I’m an active member of my church,” adds Brozina of another of his interests, “where I sing bass in the choir as one of my other hobbies.”

Samuel Brozina, from Millville, New Jersey, is a graduate of Millville Senior High School, a comprehensive community public high school located in Cumberland County, New Jersey. It was here that he would, as a child, become active in band and OotM, a creative problem-solving program involving students from kindergarten through college.

“As a student, I also served with teachers and administrators on the school’s leadership council which was charged with planning and implementing school improvement projects,” explains Brozina.

Following further studies at Cumberland County College, a nearby public community college, situated in Vineland, where he earned a degree in criminal justice, Samuel Brozina went on to work in store security for a time.

Briefly turning his focus back to his hobbies, pilot, artist, and choir singer Brozina also reveals details of a previous passion of his. “For several years I was also a keen Revolutionary War reenactor in my spare time,” he adds, wrapping up, “and still maintain a strong love of history in general today.”