Samuel David Lehrer Explains How Support for the Little Yellow School House Changes Lives on Isla Mujeres

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Samuel David Lehrer Samuel David Lehrer

On Isla Mujeres, Mexico, children with disabilities and their families only have one special needs facility to turn to for help, the Little Yellow School House. Through annual support from volunteers and participants of the Island Time festival, the education center prepares disadvantaged children for traditional schooling and equips them with lifelong skills for success as adults. Samuel David Lehrer is a long-time supporter of the Little Yellow School House, believing the facility’s curriculum and program greatly improves every student’s chance of success now and later in life. 


“The Little Yellow School House is the only facility of its kind on the entire island, and many

disadvantaged kids would go without adequate education without the help of their educators,”

says Samuel David Lehrer. “They not only support the children throughout year-round education

programs, but they also help their families learn to empower these children through group events and individualized counseling.”


Using the Little Yellow School House’s specialized curriculum, on-site educators help students develop essential life skills beginning as elementary as each child requires. Their goal is to teach their students the best methods to learn and retain information that fits their individual learning needs. The educators develop a foundation and explore each child’s preferred learning style to develop personalized solutions. 


Some of the children who attend the Little Yellow School House are enrolled in regular schools on the island and perform coursework at the facility where they receive guidance from trained educators. There, they attain a variety of learning resources that help them keep up with

regular tasks and stay on track for graduation. The facility ensures each child not only receives

the attention they need now, but gains preparation for the rest of their life. 


Samuel David Lehrer and his family have donated their time and money over the years to the Little Yellow School House to help children on the island succeed, and they attend the Island Time Fishing Tournament and Music Festival each spring. All the proceeds from this event go directly to the School House to help them expand their offerings and improve their facility.


With the financial assistance that the Island Time brings festival in, the Little Yellow School House can upgrade their classrooms, kitchen equipment, resources, playground, and much more. The support of competitors and volunteers like Samuel David Lehrer have helped the school grow from a single-room facility to a comprehensive learning center with six classrooms, multiple full-time teachers, and over 50 students receiving care and education.


“Volunteer support has helped both the facility and the partner tournament grow, which in turn

helps the Little Yellow School House invest in better equipment, more staff, and new, improved

curriculum,” says Samuel David Lehrer. “And the Little Yellow School House is able to make a real difference in the lives of disadvantaged children on the island thanks to their unique approach to education.”