Samuel David Lehrer Helps Fund Special Needs Education by Supporting the Little Yellow School House

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Samuel David Lehrer Samuel David Lehrer

Volunteers and supporters of the Little Yellow School House like Samuel David Lehrer help improve the offerings of the only educational facility on Isla Mujeres catered to special needs children. Below, Lehrer helps readers understand how the organization succeeds and where they find funding for their programs. 


On Isla Mujeres in Mexico, only the Little Yellow School House is designed to provide local special needs children with outstanding education that prepares them for traditional schooling and life. Samuel David Lehrer is a longtime supporter of the facility and attends the annual fundraising event to improve their offerings each year. 


“The Little Yellow School House is the only facility of its kind on the entire island, and many

disadvantaged kids would go without adequate education if it weren’t for the help of their educators,” says Samuel Lehrer. “They not only support the children throughout year-round education programs, but they also help these families develop new habits and practices that make everyone’s life better.”


At the facility, highly-knowledgeable staff and educators deliver a curriculum focused on developing essential life skills beginning as elementary or advanced as each individual case requires. During classes, instructors teach their students the best ways to learn on an intimate level and how to retain information for long periods of time. Before classes begin, educators and facilitators spend time with each child and their families to understand their unique learning styles. This approach is highly useful not only for future education, but in all areas of life. 


“The Little Yellow School House makes education about individual growth for each of their students,” says Samuel David Lehrer. “Plus, they also offer counseling services and education for the families of students so everyone can improve and look ahead.”


Some children attending classes at the facility are already enrolled in traditional schools who only perform coursework at the Little Yellow School House. These children gain a variety of learning resources that help them keep up with regular tasks and stay on track for graduation. 


Samuel David Lehrer and his family have supported the facility and raised awareness to draw in new volunteers and donors for years. Each spring, Lehrer and his family attend the Island Time Fishing Tournament and Music Festival, which is Isla Mujeres’ official fundraising effort for the Little Yellow School House.  


The event is an annual competition that draws in professional fishers and music lovers from around the world. After a buy in, competitors can fish within 50 miles off the coast of the island to be named top catch in four separate categories. Those attending the festival enjoy a week-long music event that attracts artists, musicians, and spectators to the welcoming community on the island. 


“The Little Yellow School House is able to make a real difference in the lives of special needs children on the island thanks to their unique approach to education,” says Samuel David Lehrer. “The facility ensures each child not only receives the attention they need now, but gains critical preparation that lasts for the rest of their life.”