Samuel Lehrer Has Committed Over Two Decades of Assistance to The Little Yellow School House Mission

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Samuel Lehrer The Little Yellow School House Mission Samuel Lehrer The Little Yellow School House Mission
Samuel Lehrer

Samuel Lehrer is a real estate developer and graduate of the University of Florida, with degrees in Hotel & Restaurant Management, Marketing, and additional emphasis on Health Care management.. He and his family are longtime supporters of The Little Yellow School House on Isla Mujeres, which provides challenged children with skills to achieve their greatest potential.

Since graduating from the University of Florida in 1994, Samuel Lehrer has worked in medical sales, management, and business development, making a major name for himself in the medical supply and pharmaceutical industries. Retailing medical equipment, he’s worked with devices for cardiothoracic surgery, ophthalmic and refractive equipment, and cosmetic and surgical lasers. Today, Samuel Lehrer is CEO of The Laser Outlet, which is an industry-leading retailer of used aesthetic equipment and cosmetic lasers. Mr. Lehrer is a consultant for several name brand ophthalmic laser companies, as well as developing a hotel, and residential real estate projects in Mexico, and South America. Mr. Lehre also owns and operates two Aesthetic Medical practices in Cancun, Mexico.

For more than two decades, Samuel Lehrer has used his success in these industries, along with the help of his family, to support The Little Yellow School House on Isla Mujeres, a philanthropic organization based on the Mexican island off the coast of Cancun.

The area is commonly recognized as a world-famous vacation destination with beaches, resorts, snorkeling and scuba excursions around the local coral reefs. However, the area also hosts The Little Yellow School House which helps disadvantaged, disabled, and special needs children grow and achieve their greatest potential.

“My family and my mother specifically, have long worked alongside the dedicated team at The Little Yellow School House,” says Samuel Lehrer. “Together, we recognize that all kids no matter their condition deserve a happy childhood, and we work to deliver resources to improve their personal growth.” Life changing donations from all over the world, and hard work by staff and donated physician time, have contributed to so much success.

At The Little Yellow School House, children are provided a safe place to learn in an environment of acceptance and love. In addition to educational resources, the organization provides the children’s families therapy to better cope with special needs. Since 2004, The Little Yellow School House has been entirely funded by donations and is able to provide free admission thanks to supporters such as Samuel Lehrer and his family. Specifically his mother is a driving force behind the daily operations, and fund-raising. Her tireless efforts are amazing. “She pushes us all to be better people”.

The nonprofit organization doesn’t pursue any religious or political agendas and is the only learning center dedicated to special needs on the entire island of Isla Mujeres. The therapy each child receives is individualized and covers psychological, speech, physical and gross motor skills. The comprehensive offerings and customized therapies are all based on meetings and evaluations that representatives make with each child’s therapists, teachers, and family members. In addition to educational assistance, The Little Yellow School House provides individual and group therapy for each child and their family as well as psychological help as needed.

With donations and support from people like Samuel Lehrer and his family, the organization has grown from a single-room school to a facility with four classrooms, two consulting rooms, and a kitchen. Additionally, The Little Yellow School House offers an outdoor playing area that was designed by a visiting Psychologist for the development of children’s gross motor skills. In all, the organization provides the island’s greatest hope of giving special needs children a happy, constructive education as well as peace of mind to their families.