Samuel Lehrer Helps Raise Funds for Navy SEAL Veterans and Navy Museum

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Samuel Lehrer Samuel Lehrer

Samuel Lehrer is a retired Navy SEAL officer in Miami who supports a number of nonprofits and outreach programs that help the underprivileged or underrepresented. Each year, Lehrer supports a bi-annual golf tournament in South Florida that aims to raise funds for military retirees and funds for the local SEAL museum. 


Over many decades, retired SEAL Samuel Lehrer and his family have volunteered and supported a number of annual tournaments and events that raise funds and awareness for various causes. By participating in the bi-annual Navy SEAL golf tournament in Jupiter, FL, he helps raise money to support the men and women of his own military division and uphold their legacy.


After retiring from the Navy, Samuel Lehrer furthered his professional real estate career to a place where he can donate time and money to various causes extracurricularly. For example, he is a volunteer and supporter of the Island Time Music Festival and Fishing Tournament in Isla Mujeres, which funds the only local schoolhouse for special needs children on the island. 


During the Navy SEALs golf tournament in Florida, he is able to improve the lives of one

of the most respected branches of the armed forces and ensure the masses will know of their legacy through the local museum. 


“The golf tournament in Jupiter, FL is a unique opportunity to help out the men and women of

the Navy who dedicated their lives to protect this country,” says Samuel Lehrer. “And participants get to have fun with like-minded individuals along the way as well as play one of the most beautiful golf courses in the state.” 


Participants of the golf tournament play at the Admirals Cove golf course in Jupiter, FL. All proceeds from the tournament go on to help support Navy SEALs in two major ways: the money gives immediate aid to retired and ex-Navy SEALs that help them live more comfortable lives in their retirement; additionally, the money raised supports the nearby National Navy SEAL Museum which tells the story of the military branch from inception to today. 


The tournament takes place over a full weekend and kicks off on Friday with a special aerial display: a SEAL parachutes from a black hawk helicopter onto the 18th hole of the course to officially begin the competition. The golfing tournament and subsequent fundraiser unites supporters from across the country with retired or current men and women of the armed forces for collaboration and camaraderie. 


“Giving back to the communities that have supported us is really important to me and my

family,” says Samuel Lehrer. “By participating in the Navy SEAL bi-annual golf tournament, we can raise money for the courageous fighters who defended our country and have fallen into a place where they truly need our help.”